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The Search for the Perfect Bottle is Over

When my sweet lil’ bubba was about 6 weeks old we discovered he had reflux and a dairy and soy sensitivity. I was nursing at the time, however, needed him to both nurse and take a bottle to allow for a smoother transition once I returned to work. After bottle feedings, we noticed LOTS of gas coming from our little guy and even more spit up than normal. We tried a variety of bottles as most new parents do, but it wasn’t until we found the perfect bottle, the Philips Avent Anti-Colic Bottle, that we started to notice a change for our lil’ guy after a bottle feed.

philips avent

Thanks to the Airflex venting system we noticed a significant reduction in gas due to less air ingestion. The built in venting system keeps air away from our angel’s tummy and in the bottle – he seemed much more comfortable and satisfied! Additionally, he took to the flow of the bottle well – and didn’t struggle in bouncing between breast and bottle. This was huge for an exhausted nursing Mama! Daddy could step in for a night feed or two. And boy did those extra zzzz’s help this lady! Now that our lil’ bubba has weaned off of nursing and is solely on a bottle and cup we STILL love the Philips Avent Anti-Colic Bottle!

philips avent bottle

perfect bottle

baby bottle

Another key factor as to why I’m such a fan of these bottles is the ease of setting up, breaking down, and cleaning! With fewer bottle parts it’s faster and easier to use – not to mention much quicker to clean! With just 4 parts (bottle, cap, nipple, and ring) it really is super easy peasy lemon squeezy! Honestly, this reason alone was a game changer for us! Parenting is hard, long, tiring, and oh so fulfilling. Choosing the products we use for our most prized possession – our beautiful babies – is difficult and even somewhat overwhelming! But at the end of the day after a long day of work and parenting, I want clean up to be fast and easy! And thanks to this perfect bottle of choice – it is!

baby feeding

holidays with baby

Christmas lights

Still curious? Check out actress and new mom, Sarah Chalke’s, full product review. She will walk you through the ease of use of the bottle and the how and why she feels this will provide the best feeding experience for her child. I know you’re tired, Mama. I know today may have been hard and I know that tomorrow may be harder, but we’re in this together. And from one Mama to another – give Philips Avent a shot. I promise – it won’t disappoint! You got this!

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  1. Shirley Wood says

    Oh those colic memories are flooding back to me. I wish this Avent Anti-Colic bottle was available when my youngest was born. She had colic for 9 months! My baby days are over but this bottle will become my baby shower gift now that I know about it! Your picss are beautiful and such a precious baby enjoying the bottle.

  2. Lynlee says

    When my daughter was a baby, she had colic and we lived by the Avent bottles! I agree that not only do they work great, but are super simple to assemble and clean!

  3. Rebecca Bryant says

    I need to let my brother know about these bottles. His little one can get really fussy and maybe it’s because of air in her tummy.

  4. Alecia says

    I’m very lucky that neither of my kids have even given me issues with pickiness about bottles (they both go/went between breast and bottle without a problem as an extra bonus). I had a avent bottle with my first and I think it might still be floating around my moms house. I’ll have to dig it out

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