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DIY Rock Thanksgiving Place Cards


You have probably noticed that we’ve been talking a lot about the holidays lately, especially if you follow us on our social channels too. Well, never fear. We aren’t totally glossing over Thanksgiving. It is one of my very favorite holidays after all. My birthday actually lands on turkey day sometimes. It did last year! Nothing beats a full on Thanksgiving feast that also serves as your birthday feast. Just sayin’.

So, I am about giving this oh so special day of thanks its due. I just happen to be kind of Christmas obsessed, so I just can’t wait to start talking about it until December. Haha! That being said, Thanksgiving is actually the topic at hand today…And in case you love giving thanks as much as we do, I thought we could talk about Thanksgiving tablescapes…

Now as far as tablescapes go, I am a big fan of inserting personal elements into the Thanksgiving table design and that’s easily done with place cards. I am specifically talking about DIY Thanksgiving place cards! And I have a super simple tutorial that is going to show you how to do just that. And, better yet, this easy rock Thanksgiving place cards craft calls for just 4 items!

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards



Rocks (any size)
Black chalk paint
A paint brush



1. Start off by washing your rocks with warm soapy water, and let dry
2. Using a paint brush, paint your rocks, making sure all sides are covered
3. Once the rocks are dry, turn over, and paint the bottom side
4. Once the rocks are dry, repeat steps 2 and 3 with a second coat
5. After your rocks are completely dry, begin writing names on the rocks
6. These will wow your Thanksgiving guests, plus they’ll know where to sit



More Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

I told you there were super simple! If you visited me in real life you would see that my home has a cozy, rustic, farmhouse kinda vibe that fits in perfectly with these DIY rock place cards. AND once Thanksgiving is over these easy DIY Thanksgiving place cards can be repurposed. They would go great in the garden for labeling plants and herbs! I love multipurpose anything like most moms. Bwah! I also love any project that the kids can do with me.

Not only will your family have sweet Thanksgiving place cards at the end of this, but you will have made special memories that you’ll think back on every time you look at those rocks that you painted together! And isn’t that what this time of year is all about? It’s about the memories! I plan on making plenty of those this year. You may remember the leg surgery my kiddo had earlier this fall. Well, I’m happy to report that he is as good as new and we have MUCH to be thankful for!

For even more Thanksgiving craft ideas, check out the tutorials I gathered below! 

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