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Fall Kid Craft: Pumpkin Plate


I have a full blown crafter on my hands y’all. My lil’ lady bean loves nothing more than to sit down at her little table and create away…So, I’ve been trying to have some fall theme crafting fun with  her lately. This pumpkin plate fall kid craft is super easy to make and just so cute!



Small paper plate
Green pipe cleaner
Orange tissue paper
Elmer’s glue or any liquid glue will do
A pencil
Hole puncher



1. Punch a hold in the top of your paper plate, and slide a green pipe cleaner through, twist, and wrap the pipe cleaner around your pencil to create spirals.

2. Squeeze a little glue onto an extra paper plate.


3. Cut your tissue paper into lots of 2×2″ squares.

4. Wrap a piece of tissue paper around the end of your pencil on the eraser side.

5. Dab the bottom of the tissue paper in glue.


6. Press your pencil (with tissue attached) onto the paper plate.

7. Repeat steps 4-6 until the plate is filled.


8. Let your pumpkin dry, and hang this little guy up.

So, go pick up some supplies, grab your kiddos and get crafting! I’ve found that being creative together is such a fun, bonding experience!

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