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Pretty in Ponchos

If you’re looking for a powerhouse piece for fall, look no further than ponchos. They’ve been one of my fall fashion must haves for a while now thanks to the fact that they’re the ultimate layering tool. We all know how important layering is in the fall right? The weather can go from somewhat warm to downright cool in a moment it seems like, so having pieces in our closet, like ponchos, that make it easy to dress for that tricky transitional period is clutch.

You don’t have to wait to wear your ponchos lovelies. It may not quite be fall yet, but I know we’re all ready to bring our our fall looks. Rock your ponchos with a tank or tee and boyfriends now while it’s still a bit warm, then bring out your long sleeves and skinnies or leggings as the temps start to cool down. Ok…So, if you’re in the south, like moi, you may have to wait a teensy bit longer to rock yours, but there’s no reason you can’t go ahead and make sure your fall wardrobe is ready to go when the weather does warrant it! Although, I do tend to layer when I go to the movies thanks to the how cold they run the AC here, so I guess I could wear my ponchos now after all. Haha!

Happy shopping!

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