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Casual Spring Scarf Outfit

Is is spring yet?! I know I’m not the only who’s ready to bring the spring scarf, for example, out to play! This girl is definitely pretending like it’s already spring even if the official first day of the long awaited season hasn’t quite sprung yet. Bwah! I’ve been more than ready to put away my deep, moody colors and rock bright, spring hues for a while now. And that goes double for prints. Give me bright, vibrant prints…PLEASE! Don’t get me wrong. I love my go-to black and grey pieces, but it’s felt like a really long winter and I need a little sunshine in my life. Take floral prints, for instance. There are so many fun takes on them out there this season. And even if busy prints aren’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of subtle ways to work florals and other types of spring prints into your spring style. It doesn’t get much more cheerful than a fun floral print though! Just sayin’. Case in point…A floral spring scarf is just what you need to add more prints to your life this season!

casual spring scarf outfit

How to Wear a Spring Scarf

Take this spring scarf that I picked up at Loft recently. It’s a super pretty floral print complete with punchy pink and oceanic blue hues that are perfect for spring. I used it to top off a casual white tee and boyfriend jeans outfit. What was a cute, but very simple look was instantly jazzed up by my new spring scarf. And it didn’t have to be a floral print. Any spring scarf would have elevated this outfit. Loft actually as a slew of spring scarves in a bevy of spring prints to choose from right now. Whether florals, paisley or even birds are your jam, I guarantee that there is a Loft scarf you’re going to want to add to your spring wardrobe STAT! You may even want to snag more than one. Or you may already have a spring scarf languishing in your closet. Don’t torture the poor thing by letting it sit there unworn. Start styling it!

spring boyfriend jeans outfit

spring scarf

loft scarf outfit

More Spring Prints

And speaking of spring prints, did you catch my star print espadrilles? Stars are another HOT print for this spring. I am officially on the hunt for more star print pieces after I’ve seen how wearable my espadrilles are. I’ve already styled them a bunch of different ways including with both denim and dresses, but I digress…For even more spring style ideas, check out our take on how to wear florals and stripes. The little floral dress and a striped crossbody bag are most definitely on our spring style must haves list! And just like with my new espadrilles, I’ve worn that little floral dress from Loft (yes, more Loft, ha) and Scout more times than I can count and it’s only March! So, I guess if you take one thing away from this piece, I want it to be that you need prints in your life. Haha! Oh and boyfriend jeans…I’ll never get over boyfriend jeans for spring. Clearly I’m sportin’ my own in this outfit and I’m loving how Carly dressed hers up with metallic sandals! Hey, I always like to leave you with my plenty of fashion inspiration…

Get Your Own Spring Scarf

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