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Champagne Saturday: A BonBon Rose Girl Does Philly

So, as you know, last weekend I jetted off for a weekend getaway with my ladies in the city of brotherly love. We had SO much fun that I forgot to take any proper outfit pics. I assure you that I busted out some cute looks, like my sequin pocketed Ann Taylor Loft cardi, for instance, but you’ll just have to take my word for it. HA! Oh, and no, we did not plan to all sport the same color bags. We’re just chicks who happen to love mustard. What can I say?

kristin in philly

Take note of my puffer coat. I wore that bad boy ALL weekend! Is there anything warmer? Here are a few more puffers that I’m diggin’. Is it ridiculous for a Florida girl to have more than one puffer coat? Just wondering. Since it IS Champagne Saturday I should tell you about my beverage of choice. It was none other than a tall pitcher of pink cadillac margaritas. A girl needs a stiff drink to warm her up in 30 degree weather!

michael micahel kors cire belted puffer coat

MICHAEL Michael Kors Cire Belted Puffer Coat at Nordstrom

ae puffer coat

AE Puffer Coat

marc new york by andrew marc free style quilted puffer coat

Marc New York by Andrew Marc Freestyle Quilted Puffer Jacket at Nordstrom

I promise that I’ll have a proper outfit post for you soon. We took our family photos last night and I’m dying to show y’all the leopard T-Bags batwing top that I rocked! So, what about you lovelies? Have you worn or drank anything fabulous lately? Tell us all about it or better yet…give us a link!


  1. Lynn @thevintagenest says

    Just back from Chicago and did we indulge in hot chocolate there with the blustery cold snowy weather?…… oh no! We went all the way with hot fudge sundaes at the Ghiradelli store…..yummmmm! No puffer coats for me though…..adds extra pounds. Like a sundae wouldn’t do that right? LOL

  2. Jan says

    Warm coats are a must and that one looks toasty!

    Oh, and jaunty is my new favourite word thanks to you. Right up there with ‘frock’, ‘greengrocer’, ‘icebox’ and ‘wireless’!

  3. Grace says

    That sounds like a super fun time! And thank you for showing the puffer coat; so many bloggers turn up their nose at them, but where I live, there are few other options.

  4. Michelle says

    Oooo I bought my first Coach bag ever at the end of the summer and it’s a gorgeous mustard-tawney colored leather with a big shiny buckle…it transitions seamlessly between seasons! Love it! LOVE that last puffer…going to gaze longingly at it now!

  5. kristin says

    Going for the warmer versions of glamour myself these days…
    Although a couple of days ago I had the urge to wear a 20´s slash contemporary handmade hat from Hamburgerstrasse in Berlin. And it sure made it´s impressions::::) Just love hats.
    Saturday night though.. and I am not drinking Champagne… but about to watch a documentary by Werner Herzog. (The wild man)

  6. Sherin says

    Love that pic of you and your friends with the Christmas Tree. It’s a perfect Christmas picture. Ooo, puffer jackets: I have yet to own one. I love the AE one.

  7. Cassie says

    I adore my Puffa gilets – they help me survive the winter and autumn here. I was treated to a fabulous new coat this weekend by my very kind husband – completely out of the blue – I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous green tweed fieldcoat!

  8. Cafe Fashionista says

    Okay, so normally I completely ignore puffer coats as I live in SoCal – land of December temperatures that are in the mid-80s; nevertheless, I want/need/desire/love that MICHAEL Michael Kors Cire Belted Puffer Coat!! 🙂

  9. Chessa! says

    I love t-bags. I have some dresses that I wore throughout my pregnancy. and I can’t wait to see your photos!!! and…those jackets are perfect for this freezing arctic weather we are having in nyc.

  10. Jules says

    I love that photo of you ladies in Love Park! So festive. You needed a puffer coat for when you were up here. It was absolutely freezing. I love that last quilted puffer coat that you posted.

  11. Nikki says

    I’ve always wanted a red puffer coat with a fur hood! I don’t know why. I’ve been soaking up eggnog lattes like they’re going out of style. Because they will be…soon!

  12. Torrie @ a place to share... says

    I’ve been too busy – in super rainy weather- (hence the very delayed comment on this post) to wear anything too fabulous lately, but enjoying lots of mulled wine, and we’re making cranberry orange vodka to pass out tomorrow and through the coming week!

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