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Stitch Fix Unboxing Video

Stich Fix Unboxing

I recently decided to go for it and try Stitch Fix, the service that delivers clothes directly to your doorstep. The box selections are made for you by stylists and are based on an initial style survey and preferences including budget and purposes that you fill out. I’ve heard a lot about the Stitch Fix service from friends, but have never seen it in action, so I thought I’d share my very first delivery in this Stitch Fix Unboxing Video. Take a peek and let us know what you think.

Here’s my run down on my experience and take on the Stitch Fix service. Personally, I thought it was a fun way to receive a few items that I might not otherwise have had the time to shop for or select for myself. Nothing like being pushed outside of your style comfort zone a bit! I also really liked that it came with cute photos on how to style the looks. I have a lot of basics on hand, so having a little cheat sheet is great. Of course, like all clothing, while you may have a gut reaction at first glance, trying the clothes on makes a world of difference. So, while two of my five items are headed back thanks to free and easy returns, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in my next scheduled box. Also, I’m seriously enamored with the purse. I just love a good crossbody bag!

Have you tried Stitch Fix or any other style delivery service? Do you love or hate any of the items they sent to me? Send us your thoughts in a comment and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see all the latest video updates. Happy shopping lovelies!

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I just really love clothes!

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