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Quick and Easy Ornament Craft

Happy Friday lovelies. This has been a crazy week and only 8 hours stand between me and happy hour, whoo hoo! Hope you all have fun Friday nights in the works, even if its vegging on the couch with some wine and a chick flick!

Outside of my normal office duties, this week I had to come up with a way for 50 grown adults to craft an ornament and trim a tree in under 30 min.  The results were pretty fun and I think we all enjoyed a break from our regularly scheduled meetings, but I also think this would be a great idea for a kids craft table at a holiday party or dinner.  The goals was to stay away from paint, glitter and glue to minimize my clean-up, so I was thrilled to find foam ornament stickers kits.  I mean how easy are stickers!

Here are the two I did beforehand to show as samples but everyone got really creative with it and the tree is now gorgeous in all its foam sticker glory, ha!

Foam sticker kits make a nice easy project.

Wine not included

Check it, I'm a sticker pro!

Know of any other great mess-free projects?  Do share!


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