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DIY Gift: Tea Towel Stamping

Christmas Tea Towel

It’s not only the time of year for gift giving but also gift making! Having Jake now turn 4 it’s nice to have his attention span last a little longer for crafts. I still work to have it all set out before I mention it, otherwise he’s excited and then over it before we’ve even begun. But things like this easy stamped tea towel are perfect for doing together for friends and family.

Stamped Tea Towel Prep

Stamping the tea towel
Stamped Tea Towel Prep
Final Tea Towel

Here’s how we made these and all of these supplies can be found at large craft stores. If yours doesn’t have white tea towels, Home Goods or Target most likely will have them too.

White tea towels
Red and green puffy paint
Cookie cutters
Paper plate
Cardboard or cardstock

1. First your going to want to wash and iron your towels
2. Next fold your towels back up the way they came
3. Cut a piece of cardboard/cardstock out to slide in under the area you are painting
4. Squirt some puffy paint out onto a paper plate (I like to put swirls in mine so that when I paint I get a little of each color on my cookie cutter)
5. Dip your cookie cutters in the paint and stamp them onto the tea towels (you can use whatever shapes you like)
6. You can use your finger to stamp too
7. Let your towels dry over night or 12 hours before you wash/use

That’s it! Doesn’t that just make a cute gift to do with the kids? Its perfect to give to a teacher or grandparent and I love that it feels personal.

Tea Towel

For another holiday kid craft, check out our DIY ornaments from last year!

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