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Holiday Tokens for the Neighbors

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I’m so lucky to live in what I affectionately dub, “Pleasantville”.  Meaning we know our neighbors and often can be found on front steps sipping wine chatting about the weather.  In fact, as I write this, Santa just came through passing out candy canes to children (and me, ha!) from atop the local fire department’s truck.  Coming from several years in the city where we barely knew the guy across the hall, and sirens after dark meant something else entirely, it’s been a bit of an adjustment.

For instance, I never knew that at Christmas, neighbors often pop by with little home baked goodies and say, “Happy Holidays!”.  So this year I decided to get with the program.  I scored these cute mini-loaf pans from Michael’s, but had no clue what to do with them.  Then my friend Meg (also the sister of often mentioned Kate) said she used the same loaf pans with Pillsbury Quick Breads.  Genius!  She even told me how to fancy it up! Behold my neighbor gifts.  I used the banana bread and added chocolate chips and the cranberry bread with the addition of orange zest.  I wrapped them in these cellophane bags I had from another project.  These breads would also be good for teachers, co-workers and even the mailman! Thanks Meg!  How about it, do you guys struggle with finding the right token to show appreciation to much loved folks?  Any other great ideas?

Megan Yarmuth

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