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Rosie Pope’s Holiday Wish List & Interview

kristin and rosie pope

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending The Mother of All Baby Showers courtesy of Small Fry Society. It was a lovely event chock full of valuable information and products for expectant and new mamas, delicious goodies and amazing giveaways! I really hope it comes to be an annual thing.

Before the fun started, I was given the opportunity to interview Rosie Pope. As I mentioned last week, she was an amazing sport and my sister and I had a wonderful little chat with her about style, motherhood and even a favorite topic of us bloggers…social media!

kristin and jessica

If you follow Rosie on Twitter you know that she’s extremely engaged with her fans, so I asked her why she felt it was so important to interact personally with her following.

“I’m constantly amazed that you can affect people’s lives and help them that quickly…like with Twitter. Twitter’s my favorite, I think, out of all of them. I’m here because of them. And it’s my responsibility and a joy of mine to help people, ”  she responded. And help people she does. From medical information to style advice, Rosie tweets fun facts on the regular. Speaking of style advice…I shared Rosie’s go-to easy look with you already, but I’ve yet to let you in on the other beauty and style tips that she gave us the skinny on.

When you’re short on time, as so many of us are, Rosie’s a big fan of fast, yet chic hairstyles! “Don’t underestimate the value of a ponytail or a bun. The hair can take such a long time,” she said. We then went off on a tangent about the sock bun and I’m convinced now more than ever that I need to hop on that train!

When I told her that she always looks so fresh faced and shamelessly asked her to share her secrets, she didn’t hesitate!  “My favorite thing at the moment is expensive, but it lasts. I always get my Dad and Step-Mom to give it to me for Christmas. It’s Clarins. It’s called Beauty Flash Balm. It’s this cream that you put on top of  your makeup. You just dab it on during the day. I can tell you, if I look at shots that I’ve filmed with it and without it, I can tell the difference. It reflects the light or something,” she said. Seeing as Megan and I are in front of a camera pretty much weekly now, I do believe I’ll be looking into this product STAT! Who’s with me?!?

So, not only was Rosie kind enough to sit down with us for an interview, but she also shared her holiday wish list which you can find in The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2012! And don’t forget to enter our latest giveaway!

rosie pope's wish list

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