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DIY Ornaments for Grandparents

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DIY Toddler Ornament

For me, getting kids involved in the holidays and understanding gift giving is part of the Christmas fun. Last year at just 2, Jake was a little young for really understanding what it meant to give a gift, but at 3 he totally gets it. Well, er…I think he does. So, rather than buy gifts from him and put his name on them I’ve been trying to have him “craft” his own.

DIY Toddler Ornament

To kick start us off we finger-painted these simple cardboard ornaments found at any craft store. He really got into and I used an old deli party tray to help contain the mess and the rolling ornaments. The end result might not be professional level ornaments, but something tells me his grandmothers are going to love having a holiday memento from him this year as these DIY ornaments were 100% created by him and full of love!

DIY Toddler Ornament
Any other suggestions for getting toddlers involved with creating gifts? I’d love your thoughts! And please join us and  Krystal’s Kitsch for our ‘Tis the Season holiday link up by heading over to Krystal’s site to add your holiday DIYs, recipes and/or crafts!

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