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3 Things New Moms Should Stop Feeling Guilty About Right Now

This post has been sponsored by Gerber®. All thoughts and opinions are my own

This soon to be second time mom has some serious thoughts on mom guilt, formula feeding, like with Gerber® Good Start® GentlePro Formula, and the oh so polarizing second child baby shower…

can of gerber good start formula next to peach stuffed rabbit

I’m currently expecting my second child and that means this isn’t my first rodeo. There are so many things different with this pregnancy and I’m beyond grateful for the perspective and experience that being a mother already has given me. Because you know what? I’ve decided to leave the guilt that consumed me when my first son was a baby at the door. New moms have enough to worry about! We don’t need to agonize over every little choice we make. So, I’m going to share three things that new moms should stop feeling guilty about today!

Say Goodbye to New Mom Guilt

1. Feeding your baby. The best way to feed your baby is whatever way works for you and for him. So many factors go into feeding choices. And you absolutely should not feel guilty about choosing the best method for your family. With my last child, for instance, I both breastfed and formula fed. It worked for us and I now have a thriving four year old.

can of gerber formula with stuffed rabbit toy

Formulas like Gerber® Good Start® GentlePro Formula, which is modeled after the complete nutrition and gentleness of breast milk, can help you supplement your own milk. The gentle easy to digest proteins for tiny tummies means it is clinically shown to promote soft stools.. And not only is it the first and only formula with both prebiotics and probiotics to promote gut health in tiny tummies, but the handy dandy packaging is about to blow your mind! The easy to use flip cap and pour spout are clutch. A happy baby means a happy mama and vice versa. I am not happy when I’m struggling to open something. Who’s with me?

So, are you ready to get your own? You can actually earn $5.00 Cash Back on Ibotta on ONE (1) Gerber Formula (19.04 oz or larger)! *Restrictions may apply.

gerber baby formula with walmart bag

Did I mention you can find this brand new packaging right NOW at Walmart? New moms need convenience and Walmart definitely delivers in that department! Now if you’re already a Gerber baby fan, never fear. It may have a new look, but it’s the same great formula on the inside! I know us second, third and whatever time moms love returning to products that we knew and loved with our older children, but there’s always room for improvement right?

open gerber formula can

2. Having a baby shower. There are some folks who still believe that celebrating more than a mom’s first baby is overkill. I say you do you. If your loved ones want to come together in celebration of your new child, how could that be anything but wonderful? My family recently threw me an aloha themed shower and the love was palpable in the room. I’m certain my baby could feel it too!

pregnant woman wearing tropical print maternity dress at baby shower with pink, turquoise and gold balloons

mom to be chair decorated with flowers and baby shower sign

tropical dessert table with pineapple cupcakes and white cake

3. Sticking to a routine. Routines are great. Don’t get me wrong. They help both you and baby get into a dependable rhythm, which is vital when you are sleep deprived. The thing is, you don’t have to live and die by your schedule. It’s ok if you have to switch things up every now and again. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to achieve the perfect routine!

On that note, I thought I’d share some of the things that helped me with my feeding routine the last time I was responsible for a baby. They included sitting in a quiet, dark room, keeping a cold drink on hand, so I didn’t have to get up and disturb my baby, and soothing sounds from a white noise machine. They all helped create a calming environment for us. Oh and don’t forget to put your feet up, because if you aren’t comfortable, a feeding is difficult to get through. Feeding your little one is such a beautiful, bonding experience after all.

gerber good start formula can with walmart reusable bag and peach rabbit stuffed animal

gerber good start formula on gray baby blanket

So, if you take away anything from this my friends, leave guilt at the door and enjoy this precious period. Our babies are tiny for such a minute moment in time. Why waste that time feeling bad about ourselves when we could be soaking up sweet newborn snuggles instead?!

And don’t forget to head over to your local Walmart to check out Gerber Good Start® GentlePro Formula with that new packaging! You’ll find it right in the baby section. With Gerber’s full line of formula, there are options to meet the needs of your baby, as we all know that every baby is different…just like moms! We’re all different too and that’s ok!

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