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She Gets Carried Away

I would say that 99% of the time my lil’ lady bean is Miss Independent. She wants to do EVERYTHING herself and that includes pushing her own stroller. Haha! There is an exception to the rule however. She LOVES being carried around by her daddy.

She’s definitely Daddy’s little girl and seeing those two together always makes my heart swell. We had the opportunity to try out the new Stokke MyCarrier Cool recently and it’s a hit with both daddy AND baby. So, she’s a happy girl when she gets carried away in her 3 in 1 Stokke MyCarrier Cool.




This new and improved carrier still offers 3 different carrying positions, but the newΒ  breathable mesh design is perfect for our HOT Florida weather. Now baby and daddy can stay nice and cool. Plus, it’s pretty darn chic looking…which you know this mama loves!

Our baby girl is now happiest in the back carrying position and considering it will hold a child up to 33 lbs., she’ll be able to enjoy her view from back there for a while! On a side note…How cute is her Zutano sun hat?!?

So, are you ready to get carried away? Join us, Stokke and The Little Style File tonight for your chance to win your own MyCarrier, Xplory stroller and more at our #ChicSpring Twitter party. The fun starts at 9 PM EST!

Disclosure: We’ve been compensated for this post, but the opinions expressed are our own.


  1. How cute! This carrier looks both convenient for dad and comfortable for your daughter. I can’t wait to have these moments when I have children.

  2. She looks so cute and happy with her daddy! When i had my kiddo still little I really wanted to try something like this but never got a chance sadly. maybe baby #2….

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