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How to Make Life Easier for Seniors

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When you’ve lived nearly ten decades, like my ninety-eight-year-old grandmother, life can be tough. You can’t get around quite like you used to, even if you’re in great shape for an almost one hundred-year-old person. So, you don’t have the same level of independence that you did earlier on in your life and that is definitely a hard pill to swallow.

As caregivers, we want our elderly loved ones to have the best quality of life as possible and that means simplifying things for them. So, today we’re going to talk about how to make life easier for seniors with Simply Healthcare Plans…and the number one rule here is support. They need yours! Thank you to Simply Healthcare for sponsoring this post.

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Supporting Your Elderly Loved Ones

1. Visit them…This is my number one tip for making life easier for seniors. Show your face. At this point many elderly people have lost their spouse and they’re living in an assisted living facility alone. Life can be awfully lonely. Simply spending time with them can dramatically improve their life! Whether you just stop over for a few minutes and have a visit in their room or take them off property to grab an ice cream cone, your loved ones live for your visit even if they don’t always show it. Trust me! And, frankly, getting them out into the real world does wonders for their psyche! Don’t forget to include them in family gatherings!

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2. Set up their space…Make sure your senior’s space is set up to make it easier for them to access their belongings. This is especially important if they have failing eyesight. You could do things like place a cozy throw blanket on the back of their chair, so they always know where to find it. Or you could get an oversized remote with large buttons so they can listen to the tv, even if they don’t “watch” it. You could even stock their fridge with their favorite drinks and snacks. Basically, do whatever you can to make them comfortable!

3. Make sure they have healthcare coverage…navigating the land of healthcare coverage is not an easy process no matter what age you are. Luckily there are Medicare Advantage plans like the ones offered by Simply Healthcare Plans focused on making it easier for seniors to get access to the benefits they need! If people are going to live healthier lives, an overly complicated healthcare process is a no-no. Simply Healthcare’s goal is for their members to have easy access to items that address their everyday health needs.

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How Simply Healthcare Plans Can Help Seniors

Through their Medicare Advantage plans, they offer coverage for a wide range of services, helping to reduce members’ out-of-pocket healthcare costs. People are living longer now and that means their money has to stretch further. Simply Healthcare Plans understands that!

And it’s important to note that annual enrollment ends on December 7, 2019. That means Medicare-eligible individuals should make their decisions soon! Make sure you have all the important deadlines calendared for yourself AND your loved one, so someone is sure to remember!

If you’re reading this, clearly you already have your elderly loved one’s best interests at heart. And if you try these simple tips for how to make life easier for seniors, I guarantee you’ll both benefit!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Simply Healthcare.

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