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Easy DIY Music Note Ornament

I always love unwrapping a homemade gift…especially when it’s come from the heart a loved one. If you have a bit of extra time this holiday season, you might want to consider making some of your gifts. Do you have any music fanatics on your holiday shopping list? This music note ornament would be the perfect project to make for them. You can even have the kids help. Just keep the glue gun to yourself. Haha!



Paper mache ball ornament
Music note scrapbook paper
Mod podge
Jingle bells
Holly confetti (Walmart)
Paint brush
Hot glue/hot glue gun
Decorative string


1. Cut your music note paper into small 1″ squares
2. Paint a small area with your mod podge onto your paper mache ornament


3. Stick a couple paper squares onto your painted area
4. Paint over your paper with a little more mod podge
5. Continue steps 2-4 until your whole ornament is covered


6. String a couple jingle bells onto a piece of string
7. Tie your jingle bells around the top of your ornament
8. Hot glue a piece of your holly confetti next to your jingle bells and your ornament is complete!


So, now that you’ve sen this easy DIY music note ornament project, are you inspired to get all crafty up in here?

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