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How to Make Your Bathroom Renovation Easier

Thank you Waste Management for sponsoring this post. Visit your local home improvement store to pick up your own Bagster® bag today!

If you’ve been thinking about tackling a home renovation project yourself, I’m about to serve up some serious inspo! Read on to find out how to make your bathroom renovation easier with Bagster.

green bagster bag in driveway

When we moved into our home about two years ago, we had all kinds of grand plans. The house was the size we wanted. It had a floor plan we loved. And, best of all, there was a pool. And even though it checked off all the boxes for “good bones” classification, there was a lot of work to be done. Nearly everything was original and that meant we had a very long list of projects that we wanted to get done as soon as possible. Don’t worry. I’m going to get to how to make your bathroom renovation easier with Waste Management’s Bagster® bag, but I wanted to give you a bit of context on our reno journey first.

green bathroom with vanity pulled out

Fast forward to now and we’ve definitely done some work, but aren’t nearly as far along as we thought we’d be. And that’s the way it goes with most home projects, right? That is why until very recently when we found ourselves with a half finished powder room. You see, around the holidays last year we redid our flooring. And when we put the new floor in, we were faced with a dilemma. Did we want exactly the same size vanities in the bathrooms or did we want to switch things up? We couldn’t decide, so we pulled out the vanities to ensure that there would be flooring throughout in case we ended up going with smaller vanities when we redid the bathrooms.

How to Demo a Bathroom Yourself

white marble and gray vanity in bathroom

gold vintage mirror hung over white marble vanity

white marble top on gray bathroom vanity

rubbed oil bronze faucet with white marble vanity top

We figured we’d get to those bathrooms shortly after the floor job was done, but that didn’t happen. It was an insanely busy spring and summer and we just weren’t up to making any big decisions about the house until now. With school starting up soon, we figured it would be nice to have fully functioning bathrooms on the first floor again. Haha! And I’m happy to report that as of this weekend, we finally finished the powder room off our entry! 

What was once a pitiful space with ancient paint and a big empty hole where a vanity should be is now a fresh, cheerful space! And we did it all ourselves. I have to say, it feels great to say that! I wasn’t sure if our DIY skills were up to par, but thanks to my hubs’ epic online research sessions, we finished this space without too much drama. We couldn’t have done it without all those videos, the Bagster® bag, and a whole lot of patience. DIY home projects are not for when you’re under a time crunch. You need to build in trial and error wiggle room. Haha!

What is a Bagster®?

bagster bag in driveaway with broken chairs in it

bagster bag with bathrooom sink in it

Now what is a Bagster® bag? In case you aren’t familiar, it’s a waste collection service. More specifically, it’s a convenient waste removal solution that works with your schedule.  And, trust me, you need one if you’re planning on doing any renovating on your own! First, you purchase the Bagster® bag at your local home improvement store. The Bagster® bag holds up to 3,300 pounds. That’s right. It’s plenty big enough for home projects like kitchen renovations, bathroom remodels, outdoor projects, moving, home cleanups and so much more. Seriously. This baby holds a LOT y’all.

We put things like vanities, sinks, and mirrored closet doors in ours. Our closet is in our master bathroom (our next project). Thanks to the Bagster® bag, we’re on our way with that reno too! I’ll share those before and after pics when we’re done, but in the meantime, I’m just thrilled that I can now tell you how to make a bathroom renovation easier thanks to the Bagster® bag! We even got rid of some broken chairs. Now you don’t want to get rid of anything that can be donated, but broken chairs taking up space on your patio? GONERS!

How to Use the Bagster® bag Yourself

modern farmhouse vanity in gray with white marble top

The only thing you have to do after you finish filling up your bag is schedule your collection! We made sure we scheduled ours the day after we filled it up so our neighbors didn’t have to look at the contents of our demolished bathrooms. Haha! But, like I mentioned, you can schedule your waste collection at your convenience! And, frankly, even if we’d been a few days longer, it would have been no biggie. The Bagster® bag takes up so much less space than a full-size dumpster!

So, are you ready to try the Bagster® bag on for size or what? I knew you would be! And, on that note, I have some great news! They are running an incredible promotion. Take 15% off your next Bagster bag collection using this coupon code: 100-08221! Offer expires 11/30/19.

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