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Easy Ideas to Keep Kids Busy

Thank you Brawny® Tear-A-Square® for sponsoring this post. Think of all the ways you can Put a Square There!

Summer’s definitely not over in our neck of the woods, and for some of you, it’s just getting started. We’re here to help you add some easy ideas to keep kids busy this summer to your parenting toolkit!

We’re a little over halfway through the summer here, and that means my kids aren’t as enamored with the easy activities I typically turn to, like pool time and sprinklers, anymore. Now is the time most of us summer moms have to get creative because we still have a ways to go until that first day of school. And I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want to listen to whining for the next several weeks.

So, I’ve been brainstorming some more easy ideas to keep kids busy this summer. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m going full on Pinterest-worthy with it. Sure, I might bust out an involved craft a time or two, but there are plenty of simple ways kids can entertain themselves!

Brawny paper towels in grass

Outside Time with Your Dog

In fact, one activity that my little ones never get tired of is playing with our pup. She came to live with us last summer and they’ve been in love ever since! So, anytime I say do you want to play with Scottie, it’s a resounding YES! If you have pets, providing they’re willing, get them involved with your kids’ summer play. Take everyone to the pet store and let them pick out a new toy that they all can play with together. Devise an outdoor scavenger hunt and take your dog along for the ride. Or simply take everyone outside to roll around in the grass. That dog makes such simple things exciting at my house.

That being said, all that outside time can make for some messy kids AND dogs. Haha! Thank goodness for Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels! Did you know that they have quarter sheet sizes that enable you to use just what you need without wasting any? These are PERFECT for kids to use! I have my kiddos help me clean up our dog’s paws, for instance, after they’ve all been playing in the yard.

little girl and her dog playing in the grass

little girl talking to her dog in the grass

little girl tearing apart brawny tear a square paper towels

wiping a dog's paws with a paper towel

Now I don’t have to worry about half the paper towel roll being gone after one use because they know just how many squares they’re allowed to tear off! You get all of the traditional strength of Brawny® with the flexibility to only use what you need thanks to the three different sheet size options (full, half, and quarter). Yes, I said quarter. How great is that for those little spills and messes that forever seem to pop up?!

And I guarantee you’re going to need to tear off some squares for at least a few of the summer activity ideas I’m sharing today, so stock up my friends!

How to Keep Kids Busy This Summer

1. Pick berries. This is one of our favorite summer activities. The kids love eating their spoils after we’re done!

2. Play tourist in your city. Take the kids on field trips to your local zoo, aquarium and children’s museum!

3. Camp out in the living room. Here in Florida, it’s HOT and there are critters. So, instead of a backyard campout, I set one up inside complete with a tent and s’mores.

4. Tie dye anything. Make t-shirts, hats, sneakers. If it’s white, you can tie dye it. And the kids will love wearing their own creations!.

5. Find your local splash park. Even if you have a pool at home, splash parks are always a home run.

6. Create a summer reading challenge. Find a list of suggested books for their age range and let them earn a prize at the end of the summer if they check off all the titles!

7. Pay it forward. Have your kids brainstorm ideas they can show kindness to someone today.

8. Have a porch picnic. Our screened-in porch keeps the bugs at bay, but still allows the kids to feel like they’re picnicking outside!

9. Get in the garden. Find vegetables that will thrive in the summertime and give the kids their own patch of dirt or a container to grow their own little gardens.

10. Play with your pets. They love being outside as much as the kids do. And when they’re all together, it’s double the fun!

brawny tear a square

So, there you have it mamas. 10 easy ideas to keep the kids busy this summer. And while they’re playing, why don’t you start on your back to school prep? Trust me. It will be here before you know it. And you know paper towels are always on a teacher’s wish list. Treat her or him to Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels for some extra brownie points! Bwah!

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