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7 Tips for Working From Home

Tips for Working From Home

Working from home can be so amazing, especially as a Mom who loves seeing her kids throughout the day. And having my husband right there since we started our video production company has been awesome too. There is also so much time saved for both us from getting ready in the morning to no commute. However, it can also be a real challenge. Without establishing clear boundaries and a consistent schedule, kids can barge in during those important conference calls. You may even find yourself getting sidetracked by mounds of laundry. So, Kristin and I sat down to talk through our top 7 tips for working from home. After years of doing working from home in various combinations, we’ve truly experienced it from all angles. And we’ve finally gotten ourselves into the best productive groove for both work and family. We go into much more detail in the video, and have a good laugh or two!

7 Tips for Working From Home

Drink Water – Don’t let yourself get dehydrated! Sitting at your desk can suck you in so make sure to fill up a bottle, preferably with a lid (spills happen people). Have it ready to drink throughout the day.Move

Every Hour – Get your circulation and those creative juices flowing by making sure to get up every hour or so. Typically in an office setting there are natural reasons to get up and move, even if its walking to conference room. At home, not so much so you have to self-regulate to make sure you move about. It can be as simple as checking the mail or standing up in your home office and doing a little stretch.Create a

Dedicated Work Space – In an ideal situation you have a home office with a door to help create the boundary between work and play. However, that isn’t always the case and a dedicated area of the living room or master bedroom with a desk will still allow your work to be separate. You don’t want your work piling up on the dining room table. No one wants to be reminded of that during non-work hours.Make

Micro-Lists – Make shorter lists for the days accomplishments, ideally the top 3-4 things that have to get done. It also helps to have a notepad nearby to jot down household reminders for later. That way you don’t get sidetracked into household chores.Get Out of The House – Working from home can be isolating and you are missing out on all those fun water cooler conversations such as “Who got the final rose?!” Take time each week to get out of the house. Whether its to meet a friend for coffee or get your nails done, remember you need social interaction too!

Our Most Important Work from Home Tip

Ask for Help – Taking care of work, children and the house can feel SOOOO daunting! Get the help you need. Wether its a babysitter, a mom, or a cleaning lady, figure out where your pain points are and don’t try to be the super woman that does it all. You will feel happier and supported if you are getting the help you need!

Establish a Sign-Off Time – Working from home, I often feel that I have to prove my worth tenfold. In the past, that has turned into me not establishing boundaries and taking work calls and emails at all hours. Once I established a sign-off time for the day, and communicated it, I felt more liberated to truly enjoy my evening hours with my family. I no longer give my phone the constant side-eye.

Bonus Tip! Enjoy it! – Working from home gives you some flexibility when you need it. Appreciate it and use it. You might have a kid who needs some extra time with a breakfast date. Or you might  need to take that long call from a good friend. Understand that working from home doesn’t mean that you have to be all work 24/7. Enjoy the benefits!

So, those are our 7 tips for working from home. Do you agree? What challenges have you faced?

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