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Family Fire Safety

Kidde Smoke Detector

Fire safety is an issue near and dear to my heart. Every time I hear of a house fire where someone was injured it makes me so sad, since in most cases they are so preventable. Recently, there was a very large house fire just a few minutes from our home where sadly no one made it out. The images of the aftermath still give me nightmares. So, it’s important to me to make sure that we not only teach Jake the basics of fire safety and have a family plan in place, but that we also have smoke detectors that can properly alert us should anything happen.

That’s where Kidde comes in. Powered by sealed-in, 10-year lithium batteries, Kidde’s new Worry-Free smoke and carbon monoxide alarms use one battery for the life of the alarm, eliminating the hassles of low battery chirps and battery replacement. In fact, missing or disconnected batteries are a main reason smoke alarms fail to operate in residential fires.

I remember one time when my husband was traveling, waking up to that familiar chirping sound. It took me forever to figure out just which smoke detector it was and how to replace the battery so that I could get some shut eye! A lifetime battery sounds divine to me! Additionally, the smoke alarms also have location-based attributes which makes it easy to select the right alarm for the right location in your home such as the hall smoke detector.

Kidde Smoke Detector

Making sure that we and our families are informed and safe is important. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to have peace of mind and make it part of our everyday conversations. Don’t you agree?

Disclosure: We were compensated for this post. 

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