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3 Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Whole Self

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grandmother, her grandaughters and their children sitting in kitchen

As you get older, self-care becomes even more challenging than it was when you were a busy mom with little kids underfoot. That is the situation I’m in right now, and let me tell you, self-care, more often than not, plays second fiddle to everything else. Fast forward 50 years and I’ll be where my Nonnie is now. My Mom has to work really hard to encourage her to take care of her whole self. That means eating and drinking enough, being as active as she can be, etc. But beyond the basics, there are some simple ways to take care of your whole self that even the elderly can do…And Simply Healthcare can help with that! They encourage whole-person health in order to improve consumers’ health AND well-being. Thank you to Simply Healthcare for sponsoring this post.

grandmother and her mother standing with her granddaughter in front of kitchen

Whole Self Care

Take care of your teeth…Dental care is something that can affect so much more than your teeth if you don’t stay on top of it. A daily regimen of brushing, flossing and mouthwash, plus regular visits to your dentist will help keep your teeth and gums in good shape. And by the time you’re my great-grandmother’s age you just may be proudly rockin’ your own strong teeth at 98. Haha! I don’t know about you, but I consider a sparkly smile at nearly 100 years old serious life goals!

Take care of your muscles…Another thing you can do to take care of your whole self is move and roll. I always have a foam roller on hand and even travel with it. Per my doctor’s instruction, I roll my muscles to keep them in good working condition. When I have muscles that are tight in one area of my body, I feel it ALL over and that makes it harder to be active. My family makes it a point to get my Nonnie moving every chance we can get because unused muscles are as bad as tight muscles! We get her out of her assisted living home for holidays, spa days, trips to the ice cream parlour…you name it. Anything to get her walking around!

little girl and great grandmother laughing at a brown restaurant table for whole self care

little girl and elderly woman looking at key ring

Take care of your mind…I started meditation about a year ago and it’s done wonders for my psyche. That and spending time with my loved ones has kept me in a great frame of mind. That certainly came in handy when some tough times were thrown at my family. If you’re already in a dark place it’s even harder to cope with unexpected challenges. And as you get older, it can be hard to stay positive. That’s why I bring my positivity with me, as do my kids, when we visit my Nonnie. We tell her about what’s going on in our lives and steer her away from negative talk. Thank you, meditation app for the zen! Haha!

Simple Self Care Tips

See? I told you these tips were simple. I plan on carrying these 3 whole self-care practices on into my next phase of life and having access to a wide range of health services like the ones Simply Healthcare offers will certainly be clutch! Plus, they’re committed to making healthcare more affordable to consumers too. Their Medicare Advantage plans offer coverage for a wide range of services, which helps reduce members’ out-of-pocket healthcare costs. These services may include an allowance for over-the-counter health-related items and dental benefits like crowns and implants. They know that helping people live healthier lowers barriers and makes it easier for individuals like my Nonnie to access must-haves that address their everyday health needs!

great grandmother, daughter and greatgranddaughter putting on lipstick at a table

So, whether you’re caring for an elderly loved one or working on your own self-care routine, these simple ways to take care of your whole self are worth trying! And, remember, Simply Healthcare is always there to help too!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Simply Healthcare.

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