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Tips to Make Traveling Without the Family Easier

As you may have seen, Kristin and I are traveling together this week without our families. It’s wonderful to take a girlfriend break and relax in the sun, but I’ve learned a few trips these past few years that ensure everything runs smoothly at home while the hubby is solo-parenting.

1. Meal Planning: We all have the things that we are good at around the house. My husband is wonderful at taking care of the house and yard, but putting together meals is not his specialty. To make it easier on my boys, I plan a list of meals ahead of time that he can quickly refer to on the fridge. This way I know nutrition hasn’t totally flown off the handle without me, even if there is a donut break here and there.

food list

2. Good behavior box: Sure, good behavior is the expectation, but sometimes when you’re parenting alone for a few days, having a special selection of small treats to help reinforce good behavior can make things go easier. Not to mention that it could buy the solo parent a few hours of kid contentment with a new toy or activity. I hit up a few clearance sections for small items under $5 and the verdict is that I have one happy camper at home.


3. Don’t stress and enjoy! Knowing that my two boys are enjoying quality time while I’m away makes me happy! And so does having a little besting vacay!

Do you have any tips for keeping the house running smoothly while traveling? Do share!

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