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Our Number One Summer Style Must Have

Kristin and I both love our hometowns. And what’s not to love when one of us lives in Tampa, Florida and the other just outside of Washington, DC?! So, today, we thought we would serve as your behind the scenes BFFs to share some of our favorite spots that you might not find otherwise. We’re also bringing our number one summer style must have, our go-to Tervis Tumblers, along for the ride! We love to stay hydrated on the go and with all the new cute stainless steel Tervis designs, there are so many fun looks to choose from. What better way to represent our home towns than through festive cherry blossom and flamingo prints?!

First up let’s take a look at Washington, DC. I moved here right after college and man do I get excited about this city. It has so much more to offer than being the political capital of the U.S. and really the world. The city has grown and changed beyond words over the years and I love discovering new neighborhoods, shops and things to do. Each neighborhood in DC has its own personality and drumbeat…I just love that. Plus, it’s a great place for families to be exposed to the arts, sports and food! So, here are three of my favorite places to explore. And of course my Cherry Blossom Tervis filled with iced coffee has to come along on the journey.

Meg’s Favorite Washington, DC Spots

The National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden

national gallery of art

Any true Washingtonian can easily rattle off why this place is so special. Outdoor public art is so extremely visual and a great way to get kids excited and talking about art. After visiting friends or another museum, this sculpture garden provides a welcome space to relax, grab a snack and play among the giant sculptures. Even better, on Friday afternoons throughout the summer, this place transforms into a musical wonderland. Jazz in the Sculpture Garden is a city favorite. It’s free. Just purchase your sangria, pack a picnic and meet up with your friends. I’ve even been known to spot plenty of local celebs here!

Tervis Art Gallery 2

Tervis Art Gallery

Union Market

This fun spot is a few years old and is a foodie paradise. Plenty of gourmet and unique food stalls mean that you won’t go hungry (try the empanadas!) and there are fun boutique and pop-up shops all around. It’s a great place to meet for brunch or happy hour and there are so many graphic murals nearby your Instagram feed will be on point!

Tervis Heart wall 2

Tervis Hearts

National Harbor

Tervis Ferris Wheel 2

The National Harbor is technically in Maryland. It took me a while to warm up to this spot, but once I did I was all in. The area is its own mini-urban neighborhood with shops, restaurants, a giant ferris wheel, and plenty of activities and concerts to keep everyone busy. My favorite restaurant is Succotash (it’s amazing!) and if you love to shop there are some great outlets right there. My favorite part…you can take the water taxi over to Alexandria, VA and enjoy that area too. My kids love the novelty of the water taxi so it’s a fun way to spend a family day.

Tervis ferris wheel 3

Tervis Ferris Wheel

Of course, all these spots will keep you busy and my stainless steel Tervis keeps me hydrated in style. Did you know that it can keep things either cold or hot all day long? So, you’re set no matter what time of year you decide to explore! – xoxo Meg

Kristin’s Favorite Tampa, FL Spots

Ok Kristin here and now it’s my turn to take you through a fun filled day in the sunshine state. You may or may not know this depending on how far back you go with the Take Time for Style, but Megan and grew up in Tampa together. That’s right…We’ve been besties for over twenty years and many of those years we spent together in our hometown. And while, like Megan, I have lived elsewhere in my life, eventually I came home.

Historic Ybor City

First, we’re going to explore of my favorite parts of Tampa, historic Ybor City. It’s actually known more of a nighttime hot spot, but I prefer it in the daytime. It’s such a beautiful place to explore during the day. When the sun is shining you can truly appreciate the murals, the palm trees, the historic buildings…I could go on and on. The hubs and I just love tooling around there on a lazy weekend day. That day is even better when my mama can watch the kiddos. Haha!

Tervis Mural

Now it’s lovely all year ’round, but my favorite time to enjoy Ybor City is in the late spring / early summer. It’s warm, but not quite too warm yet. Basically, the temps are just perfect out for wandering around and really taking in the sights. Because when you live in a place as beautiful as Tampa Bay, even as a resident, the sights never get old! I could walk up and down those streets taking in the beauty that surrounds them for hours. And, trust me, we do. That also means that we need to stay good and hydrated this time of year.

Ybor City

stainless steel tervis designs

palm trees

Ybor City Blind Tiger Coffee

Thankfully, I can now bring my trusty Tervis stainless steel tumbler filled with icy cold agua. I have been a loyal Tervis fan for years, but their stainless still has really captured my heart. I can’t get enough of the flamingo design. It’s such a hot trend right now! As you can see it’s a great complement to my summer outfit. Haha! And that’s why it’s a bit time summer style must have for moi. Now, I not only fill it to the brim with ice cold water… When the mood strikes, I also make a stop at my favorite java joint, Blind Tiger, and have them pour my  favorite cold brew coffee right into my Tervis!

Bayshore Boulevard

Tervis Water 2And after we spend some time exploring Ybor City, ending the day with a walk on beautiful Bayshore Boulevard is never a bad idea. The longest continuous sidewalk in the world runs right along Tampa Bay and is mere steps from my parents’ house, which makes it an awfully convenient end to the day. When we’re done with our stroll we can simply walk over to pick the kids up!

Tervis Water

stainless steel tervis designs

stainless steel tervis designs

So, if you’re looking for a stylish way to sip this summer, we recommend you check out the stainless steel Tervis designs yourself!

This is a sponsored post. The opinions expressed are our own.


  1. Bree says

    Very pretty Tervis designs! From personal experience, I can definitely say that Washington DC is a great place to visit with tons to do. And I will actually be moving to Tampa in August! It’s beautiful.

  2. Dawn Nieves says

    Those are super cute! I need a new tumbler to keep my water intake going. Now the hard question which one to order!

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