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Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Ornament

One of my favorite parts about the holidays when I was little was watching all the Christmas specials….Charlie Brown being my favorite. And my kiddos have followed right along in my footsteps. They love getting all cozy in their holiday jammies, noshing on tasty treats while watching their favorite Christmas flicks as much as their mama did and still does.

So, I wanted to do a special project with them this holiday season to get them pumped about our Charlie Brown viewing of both the classic movie, as well as the new one in theaters…This Charlie Brown Christmas tree ornament is perfect!

Clear plastic or glass ornament, large
Brown and green pipe cleanerCraft glitter, white or silver
Red felt or red craft pom pom
Ribbon for hanging in your choice of color/pattern


1. Begin by creating the tree that will go inside of your ornament. Cut a 2 inch length of green pipe
cleaner as the trunk, and two smaller 1 inch pieces for the tree base.

2. Create an X with the base pieces by twisting them together.

3. Twist the longer 2 inch piece onto the base and bend it into an upside down J shape.

4. Add smaller segments of green to the tree base. These will be your scraggly little limbs. Twist them
onto the base until secure.

5. Cut a small circle out of red felt or use a red pom pom. Glue to the tip of the branch to look like the red ornament that made the tree sag.


6. Add about a tablespoon of craft glitter to the inside of the ornament.

7. Gently tuck the tree into the ornament and let it get snug within the glitter.

8. Add a ribbon for hanging and enjoy!


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