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How to Make an Easy Holiday Charcuterie Board

I’ve partnered with Blue Diamond® as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Charcuterie boards are so HOT right now and we’re going to show you how to make an easy holiday charcuterie board in no time flat!

With the holiday season right around the corner, I bet I’m not the only time crunched mom who has a million and one events to host and/or attend. Thanksgiving week pretty kicks of my my holiday season engagements. So, before I even have my holiday decorations up, I’m headed to festive gatherings! I don’t know about you, but I feel bad bringing the same appetizer to all our holiday get togethers since so many of them have guests who overlap.

And while I definitely have my tried and true favorite holiday dishes, I always like to add some new ideas to the mix. And this year the holiday charcuterie board is definitely one of my favorites. There are SO many ways to make charcuterie boards that it doesn’t feel like you’re repeating yourself even if you make them for more than one event!

sausage, cheese, olives, almonds and crackers on white platter

That, my friends, is what I am going to share one of my latest charcuterie board ideas with you today! You already know how much we love Blue Diamond Snack Almonds around here right? They’re the ultimate snack in my humble opinion! And they are certified by the American Heart Association as a Heart Healthy Food, so that rocks obviously.

Well, I am happy to report that Blue Diamond Snack Almonds have come out with even more raw almond flavors that will totally take your holiday charcuterie boards up a notch! Say hello to Sriracha, Wasabi & Soy Sauce and Salt and Vinegar. Yum! They’re all roasted and seasoned and pack a serious mouthwatering twist for your snacking enjoyment!

So, let’s talk about which flavor I chose for this particular holiday charcuterie board and what other tasty tidbits I added to complement the almonds!

spicy charcuterie board on farmhouse table

sriracha almonds and charcuterie board ingredients on white platter

pepperoni, brie, pita crackers, summer sausage, olives and spicy almonds on white plate

thanksgiving charcuterie board with blue diamond almonds, cheese, sliced meats, olives, crackers and apples

Holiday Charcuterie Board Ideas


1/2 cup Sriracha Blue Diamond Snack Almonds
1 apple of your choice
8 oz. brie wedge (I used an herbed version, but any flavor will do.)
8 oz. marinated Italian olives
4 oz. string cheese
4 oz. pepperoni slices
8 oz. summer sausage
16 oz. pita crackers


There are no hard and fast rules here. Simply assemble your ingredients one by one on your plate. I used some pepperoni to complement the spice of the sriracha, but really any meats, cheeses, fruits and/or crackers will work with almonds and olives in my book. Bwah! And if you feel like you need a little more color, try adding green apples or purple grapes to the equation! 

fall charcuterie board setup with sunflowers, candles and fall table runner

How to Help Toys for Toys

Now that you know how to make an easy holiday charcuterie board, I have another reason you should turn to Blue Diamond Snack Almonds for your snacking needs this holiday season…By picking up Blue Diamond Snack Almonds, you will be helping to donate to Toys for Tots. How great is that?!

The holiday season truly is a time of giving and I just love it when I can support wonderful causes when I buy my favorite products, don’t you?! My family typically volunteers together during at least once during the season, but I’m all for throwing my support at worthwhile causes in other ways too! And you can’t beat it when a brand makes helping so easy! Plus, you can find Blue Diamond Snack Almonds oh so conveniently at your local Walmart. Score!

Happy shopping! I can’t wait to hear about those tasty charcuterie boards you whip up. I love seeing the personal spin people put on their boards! And don’t forget to get even more holiday entertaining tips from Blue Diamond!

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