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No Bake Holiday Treat: Santa Hats


Now that December is here, every weekend is an opportunity for some holiday baking…at least it is in this house. Haha! My kids love joining me in the kitchen and these adorable Santa Hats are a perfect treat to make with them!


Graham cracker squares
White M&M’s or white Sixlets (you could also use mini marshmmallows cut in half!)
Wilton white chocolate candy melts
Wilton red icing


1. Pour the white candy melts into a microwave safe dish. Heat in the microwave in 30-40 second increments, stirring until melted. Allow the melted chocolate to cool a few minutes prior to handling.
2. Using a small tablespoon, generously spread melted white chocolate onto your graham. Set aside and allow the chocolate to cool and set.
3. Repeat step #2 with the desired amount of graham crackers you are making.

4. Once the chocolate has set on top of each graham cracker use the Wilton red icing to make the shape of Santa’s hat and then fill it in with icing (see photos).


5. Use the white M&M’s or Sixlets to decorate Santa’s hat (see photo).


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