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Three Holiday Ready Drinks

With Christmas right around the corner, we know we aren’t the only ones who are in the throws of planning their holiday celebrations. We’re both hosting our families this year and, after a somewhat stressful year, we’re all ready to just kick back and really enjoy each other’s company. And with that, it seems like the perfect time to talk holiday ready DRINKS. Bwah!

Now, my sister happens to be the real talent behind the bar in the family, but since it’s my turn to host, I’m determined to show off my own drink mixin’ skills this year too. So…family…I’m talking to you! You can expect that a seriously fabulous signature cocktail will be comin’ at ya very soon. And just in case you too want to impress your holiday guests with a new cocktail, I rounded up a few of my favorite holiday ready drinks for you!

peppermint martini

Peppermint Martini…It’s your last chance to get in all things peppermint and this frosty drink is the perfect way to insert a little more peppermint into your holiday season! Plus, it’s just so pretty. Half of hosting is presentation…Am I right?! On that note, I love THIS ONE too. Just sayin’.

kissed cran caramel martini

Kissed Caramel Cran Martini: Ask anyone to name something that I can’t resist and the answer would be CARAMEL anything! This delicious drink has been “kissed” by caramel flavor and the cranberry adds such a festive flair! It certainly looks holiday ready!

holiday ready drinks and punch

Warm Cranberry Citrus Punch…Nothing says the holidays like a good old fashioned bowl of punch! Growing up, my mom always whipped up some punch for our Christmas and New Year’s Eve get togethers and this warm cranberry citrus version is just the ticket!

So, there you have it…Three holiday ready drinks…The only thing left to say is CHEERS!

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