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Feeling Better with Amwell

Life is so hectic and I’m sure you feel it too! I mean literally sometimes the first time I get to sit down and chill is after 9pm. I’m zooming around the house doing things with Jake and Max, working and squeezing in all kinds of other stuff in between. I wouldn’t change a thing. Well except for maybe a mandatory coffee and magazine break around 2pm every day!

Amwell Appointment

I’ve definitely noticed that having two children in tow has made it even harder to get some of my more typical errands and things done easily. Doctors appointments are high on that list. It’s so hard to find childcare at the last minute when you need to schedule an appointment for yourself! So, while I’m still begging family members to move closer to me, until that happens I’m so thrilled to have discovered Amwell.

Amwell Appointment

Amwell is the largest telehealth company in the US and it connects you with board-certified, licensed doctors, dietitians and psychologists for immediate live visits online 24/7. You can use your computer or even your phone!

I was excited to try Amwell out when I was given the opportunity to speak to a behavioral health therapist. They are typically available between 8am – 8pm and require an appointment so I called and easily scheduled an appointment for a Friday morning. I thought I would be sitting at my computer ready to chat when, opps!, we all overslept followed by Jake throwing a massive tantrum getting ready for school. Needless to say I looked and felt a little rough and was still in the preschool parking lot when my meeting time was scheduled. Luckily Amwell is so flexible that I just took a deep breath and connected through my phone from the school parking lot! I could easily see the therapist and she could see me! I honestly was so pleasantly surprised at how smooth it all went.

I focused the session on tips for helping my morning parenting routine. I mean what could be more relevant than that and clearly needed! I had the bedtime routine down but mornings seem crazed lately. I got some great insights and tips for behaviors that could help and instantly felt better.


After using Amwell I can definitely see how a service like this could help so many! No leaving the house or childcare needed. You can schedule it at a time and take the appointment from a place that works for you! And its low cost with some insurers even covering telehealth visits with just a copay needed. Amwell worked so smoothly for me on a day that felt anything but smooth! I will definitely be exploring it for other health needs!

How about you lovelies? Have you ever considered a telehealth option like Amwell? You can try the service yourself for just $1.00 by using the code: SOULCARE!

Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Amwell via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Amwell or Momtrends.


  1. Dawn Sandomeno says

    This is a really interesting concept that I had not heard about before reading your post. I think in this day and age we need creative solutions like this one to help care for our families. Thanks for posting.

  2. Piera says

    Oh I could definitely use a service like Amwell! As a mom of two and business owner – I am definitely strapped for time. Anything that can help me save time and give me peace of mind is welcome in my life.

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