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5 Great Father’s Day Gifts

We’ve rounded up five great Father’s Day gifts to get us thinking about this special day. I can hardly believe it but Father’s Day is only a few weeks away! With school ending and summer starting up its easy to let the day get lost a little in the shuffle. But great dads deserve great gifts and we want to let ours know that we really do think about them and thank them for all they do. So here are five great Father’s Day gifts up for consideration in my house this year.

1 . TeraCopter Car Drone – This is a good gift for those classic gadget guys. I think its a total guy fantasy, I mean it feels like they never really grow up doesn’t it? I think that’s why we love our guys so much, they keep things fun! A flying drone that is also a remote control car with screens?! Um yes this would get a good grin on Father’s Day!

2. Fizzics Beer System – Another good ticket item. If you have a guy to shop for that likes beer and gadgets this is a sure winner! It takes store bought beer and gives it a draft taste and vibe. It’s also lightweight and cord free so it works for tailgating!

3. Fun Socks – I love when men have bright fun socks. Its just a little flash of cheerful for workday business attire. The Tie Bar has some great options or you can take the kids to the store and let them pick silly ones out for Dad or Grandpa!

4. Floating Pong – This just looks like fun to me! We have little ones so when they are asleep and friends are over this would be a great party game, or we can let the kids get in on the fun with lemonade. Regardless, its fun game that will get used all summer long.

5. Project Smoke – This cookbook has great reviews and looks delicious. With summer heating thing up its time to take cooking outdoors. Plus its the gift that keeps on giving! Dinner anyone, ha!

Those are our current five great Father’s Day gifts as we prep for celebrating! Let us know what you think!

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