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3 Great Photo Editing Apps

3 Photo Apps

I will admit, hands in the air you totally got me, I am completely addicted and in love with taking photos and videos on my phone. The quality is great and it’s just so easy! Of course I do try to make an effort not to document every waking second of my children’s lives. I make sure there are times when the phone is left on the kitchen counter while we go out to play or are building a fort, etc. so that I am able to be in the moment. But I love my iPhone and it has nothing to do with the phone and everything to do with the camera.

Lately I’ve been playing more with apps that enhance or edit photos and videos. There are so many out there it can kind of feel like a rabbit hole. So, I thought I’d share a few great photo editing apps that I’m really liking to make it easier on everyone else.

1. PicTapGo – This app makes it really easy to see all the filters on a photo at once and select your favorite. It even allows you to apply percentages of different filters and save it as your “recipe” for future use. The main reason I love this is that within thirty seconds it’s taken the guesswork out of my photo editing and I can be on my way.

PicTapGo Sample

2. GifBoom – So I’m starting to obsess over GifBoom. It quickly turns your photos or videos into custom Gifs that you can send to your social media channels, iMessage or send the file via email. I struggled a few weeks ago on a gif and in the end discovered this app. Love it!!! (imagine me singing that in my Oprah voice!)

GifBoom Sample

3. Squaready – If you have seen on Instagram posts that are normal size photos with side borders of black, white or even this blurred effect they are probably using an app like Squaready. Sometimes I just don’t want to crop something into a square in this is my solution. I find it really easy to use and doesn’t Shelby look adorable against that wall? When I made it into a square the letters were cut off and it just wasn’t the same.


So, those are my 3 great photo editing apps to share. What are you using? Anyone else love apps that provide quick editing features?


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