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Dress for Success Donation Party

The feeling of that first job interview or big presentation is one that sticks in your memory. I remember being so nervous, practicing my questions and trying to keep my voice steady. It was hard! Looking great in those situations is important. A polished professional look is critical to be taken seriously and considered for the position, as well as helps with feeling confident!
Party Planners
And looking great at that interview is not something to take lightly. Many women struggle to afford professional clothes that will help them get hired and back on their feet. So we were excited when Leggs asked us to throw a #StylePassItOn Dress for Success party to help.Aspirational CoastersWhen guests arrived, after greeting them with a festive happy hour margarita, we asked them to hang up their favorite clothing item they were donating and to tag it with an inspirational message. Something that the recipient would beam with joy when they read.

Party Set-UpDress TagWe also swapped stories of what each piece meant to us. Wether it was a successful meeting, a big pitch or that perfect job interview, it was great to lift each other up with stories as working women.

I donated and tagged a few dresses that I bought when I returned to work after first having Jake. I was still a few sizes larger and needed to look client ready and feel great. Putting those dresses on made me feel stronger about going to work and holding my own as a new mom. I hope the women that wears them next feel just as confident when they put them on.Jewelry MessageAs us fashion lovers know, a great accessory can help round out a look and give it that extra umph! So we also collected professional baubles that we can pass on to those in need too.

And we were thrilled to share L’eggs Silken Mist pantyhose with our friends. Working in Washington, DC our workwear has to be polished at all times so having L’eggs on hand is great! Also, as a thank you for donating to Dress for Success, these hose are on sale through 6/30 for $2.99, just use coupon code FSSM20!Leggs Silken Mist
Of course having cute drinks and party food made the event feel festive. We added positive messages that would be encouraging to women on an interview to carry out the theme. 

MargaritasMargarita Party Appetizers
And yes we just HAD to have Ring Pops! I mean we were talking about accessories!Ring PopsParty Table
The event was a great success and we all felt great donating to such a great cause! Lifting each other up to reach our goals and supporting each other through hard times as women is paramount. I can’t wait to drop off our donations to the Washington, DC location and continuing to work with this great organization! There are so many ways to get involved or you can host a #StylePassItOn party of your own!

Dress for Success Party
Disclosure: We were compensated for the purposes of this post. All opinions expressed are our own.

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