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Winter Wear for Sloshing Around Town

Lou & Grey Outfit Look

These final weeks of Winter always get to me. They are always cold, wet and pretty dreary. I need blue skies and rainbows, stat! Over all, I’ve been home a lot more since Max was born. Its hard to take an infant out that much in these crazy temps, so my looks have been more errand and play date friendly. Oh and I need to wear shoes that won’t have me dropping an infant carrier in the ice. This kid is heavy! I’ve really been falling in love with the Lou & Grey line at Loft which is where this sheerline tunic is from. I love that its long enough to pair with leggings (I’m on the taller side and prefer to cover the rear end!) and still has me feeling put together. For winter sloshing I tend to go with boots and these are my trusty Steve Madden combat boots that I have now worn for two winters.

To accessorize, I added both a thin braided headband and large initial necklace that was a gift from a friend.

Wearing a head band

Letter Necklace

Winter Boots and Little Feet

So, this is the Winter wear that’s getting me through these last wet freezing weeks. What do you throw on for dreary wet days?

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