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10 Easy Sensory Bucket Ideas for Toddlers

Sensory Bucket Ideas

Max is already 15 months (I know!! Where did that time go?!) and I am constantly looking for easy ways to entertain him. Sensory buckets have become a favorite go-to. They are great for learning how to sort, observe new objects, use their motor skills and more. Here are 10 easy sensory bucket ideas for toddlers that use everyday objects and Max really seems to love. That’s right they are toddler approved!

1. Pasta bucket – Use a few boxes of different shapes and sizes to fill the bin about halfway. Some plastic cups or measuring spoons let them fill and pour. This was a huge hit!

2. Rice with little toy animals – Kids love finding hidden objects within the rice and the textures of the rice between their families

3. Cars assortment – Being the little brother of Jake, we have lots of cars and trucks to play with. Throw an assortment of different vehicles in the bin and let them take a close look at each one.

Car Sensory Bucket Cars Bucket

4. Pom Pom Assortment – Your local craft store (or Amazon) typically sells a large bag of assorted pom poms in different colors and sizes inexpensively and they can be really fun to feel!

5. Silk Flowers Assortment – Again a local craft store typically has great flowers on the clearance aisle perfect for trimming and using in a sensory bin. Kids just love sorting and feeling the differences in each.

6. Plastic Eggs – Perfect right before and after easter! Fill some with surprises and fill up a bucket. Its cute to watch them open them and look in each. I can get a good 10 minutes out of this activity which is great!

Eggs Sensory Bucket

7. Collection of Special Objects – Whether they be a pinecone or feather, on walks collect special objects and only bring them out in the bucket occasionally for squeals of delight.

8. Farm Animals – Buy an inexpensive collection of farm animals and use easter grass or cheerios to create a base.

9. Pipe Cleaners – They are fuzzy, bright and fun! What’s not to love?!

10. Plastic Hair Curlers – You might still have these under a sink somewhere, why not put them to actual use. They are a fun shape that little fingers can grip.

Those are just 10 ideas for ways to get your little one engaged with a sensory bin. Of course all of these should be carefully monitored. Have fun as your little one enjoys exploring! Max sure will!

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