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Ultimate Family Helper: The Original Learning Tower

Teaching my kids to be more independent is something I’ve struggled with. On the one hand, I know they aren’t babies anymore, but on the other hand, I sure do want them to be. Haha! But I can’t ignore the facts and the facts are that they’re well past the baby stage and ready to do some things on their own. That being said, safety is always a top priority in our house, so I’m not about to let them take the independent route without putting some safety mechanisms into place. And that’s where the ultimate family helper, otherwise known as The Original Learning Tower, comes into play. This handy dandy piece of equipment provides a secure spot for children to tackle daily chores, as well as get creative with imaginative play when you add on their Lemonade and Ice Cream Stand Kit.

the original learning tower

independent kids

teeth brushing

Take brushing their teeth for instance. It’s a while before little ones can easily reach the sink by themselves and regular old stools aren’t exactly the safest option. With The Original Learning Tower your kids can confidently reach the sink all by themselves and brush away without mom or dad holding them up. I don’t know about your kids, but mine have had independent streaks from very early on, so they relish being able to do things without our assistance. Even something as simple as brushing their little teeth gives them a sense of pride!

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learning tower help

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Another fun way to use this tower is in the kitchen. Your kids can do everything in there from help you prepare a meal, to assist you with the dishes after you’ve eaten. Small children are perfectly capable of tackling minor kitchen chores like dish washing. Thanks to The Original Learning Tower, you’ll know their safe when they’re in there with you. And it adjusts, so wee ones as young as 18 months and as old as six can comfortably use it!

So, if you’ve been looking for ways to insert a little independence into your own kiddos’ lives, I urge you to give our ultimate family helper, The Original Learning Tower, a whirl!

This is not a sponsored post. We did receive a sample to review.

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