Spoiler-Free Avengers: Infinity War Review for Moms

I’m sitting down to write this shortly after finishing my first viewing of Avengers: Infinity War. Yes, that’s right. I said first. I am planning on heading back for round 2 next weekend. It…was…that…good. Avengers: Infinity War definitely sets the stage for some incredible things to come, but I won’t be talking about that today. I promised you that this would be spoiler-free! So, let’s talk about why I’m really here. Get ready for a spoiler-free Avengers: Infinity War review for moms. Why for moms? Well, it could be for dads too. I guess I should have said for parents, but then again, I’m a mom. So, I’ll stick with that. Like many families, mine has been watching Marvel movies together for YEARS. My love affair with the Marvel Universe began when I found a stash of my uncle’s comic books when I was a kiddo. And when that first Iron Man film dropped, it was all over. I lived for each and every new movie that they introduced and my fam has oh so willingly come along for the ride.

avengers: infinity war review for moms

Avengers: Infinity War Review for Moms

So, we had every intention of seeing Avengers: Infinity War together as a family like always, but I had to do some research first. I have a sensitive little fella at home who is all in with Marvel. So, I reached out to some friends who’d already seen the flick and relied on their thoughts, as well as the spoilers I forced my hubs to read (I’m such a nice wife) to make my “can my kid see this” decision. And what I found out is that it really comes down to you knowing your kiddo. Because anyone who watches this latest installment of the franchise is going to have emotions…all kinds of emotions. Can your child handle deeply emotional plot lines that will probably involve his or her favorite character? If you aren’t sure, watch it yourself first. (Thanks for the advice Sara and Krystal!) Like I said, you’re going to want to see it more than once anyway. Literally everyone I’ve talked to who has seen it says the same thing. They’re going back. Plus, multiple views give you more time to catch all those Easter eggs!

This One’s Different

In case you don’t believe me…They just announced that Avengers: Infinity War had the highest grossing global and domestic opening weekend of ALL time. There is a reason so much of Marvel fandom showed up. Black Panther. Right?! I mean, we all saw that movie more than once too. Ha! While T’Challa and the super fierce females that MADE that movie might not be the only reason we all went racing to the theater for Infinity War, coming off that kinda high didn’t hurt. And then there’s Thanos. He’s finally here. And he’s not your typical villain. He’s almost an anti-hero. Sure, he’s the kind of bad guy that’s going to rip your heart into a million pieces, but much like Loki, he has layers. And the classic line “life isn’t that simple,” is going to take on a whole new meaning after you see this movie. You will definitely see why it’s done so well at the box office.

thanos anti-hero

So, I will conclude my spoiler-free Avengers: Infinity War review for moms by saying the Russo brothers are geniuses. If do you decide to preview it before taking your kiddos, you will be able to help them channel their emotions because you’ve already gone through the gamut yourself! The second time around the sting isn’t quite as strong so I hear. Well, a little less strong anyway. Bwah! And if you do decide to take the whole family, at least you’ll have each other to lean on. Good luck my fellow Marvel fans and I’m around to discuss things when you’ve dealt with what you are about to see. Because you’re going to need a minute…

avengers: infinity war merch

avengers: infinity war water bottle

black panther water bottle

zak marvel

captain america travel mug

One Final Word of Advice

Get pumped up…in case you aren’t already sitting on pins and needles waiting for your turn to see Avengers: Infinity War. Make things even more exciting by pre-gaming it a bit. I actually surprised my family with some new Zak Marvel merch before we settled in for the very long, bumpy, but totally worth it, ride! In case you were wondering, the dude has the official Avengers: Infinity War water bottle, I have the Black Panther water bottle, and the hubs snagged my Captain America travel mug. Don’t worry. I’ve since reclaimed it! This latest Zak find, just might be my favorite. I’m a sucker for both water bottles and travel mugs. My overflowing kitchen cabinets don’t lie. And these little numbers are well worth squeezing some more into the old collection, but I digress…

superhero dessert

For more Marvel fun, check out my favorite Avengers: Infinity War t-shirts for women and our Captain America inspired donuts. And while it’s a perfect superhero dessert, it would be right at home at your Fourth of July celebration too! Tres patriotic. Just sayin’. Ok, ok. Now I’m really done with my Avengers: Infinity War review for moms. Thanks for sticking with me. I’m now confident that you have the stamina to sit though ALL of Avengers: Infinity War without getting up! Hahaha!

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