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Preserving Memories with MyPublisher

Photo Book Cover
Maybe I’m in still in the new baby fog, but it really feels like time just keeps flying. I look up and another week seems to be behind me. A few years ago I decided that we needed to make a family yearbook to capture all those memories each year that seem to be flying by. We have literally thousands of photos archived on our computer each year that never see the light of day. Photos are serious business when you’re a blogger married to a photographer, ha! And I’m sure I’m not alone. I’m guessing most of us have a huge selection of photos on our phones and computers that tend to get archived and never appreciated. It’s not like when I was little and I would hand in my film at the end of each camp trip and then make a photo album of my friends (still have those albums BTW). We take SO many more pics these days!

Anyway, I had made this pact with myself to make a family yearbook of photos after each calendar year so that we could reference it and share it with the kids as they got older. It’s great too for getting them to practice names of places and family that they don’t get to see that often. Jake currently points to every electrical tower and says through the car window, “Mom that looks like the Eiffel Tower!” Hilarious, but sadly, wishful thinking. I had yet to pull together a family yearbook for 2014 (or 2013 eek!) when MyPublisher reached out to see how they could help us create a photo book.

My Publisher Photobook

I had heard great things about MyPublisher so I was excited to give it a try. The first step was the most cumbersome. Sorting through all those photos! First I grabbed each of our phones and snagged the ones that I wanted to include. Next I went through all the archives on our computer. We’ve since started a new photo filing system. All photos of family members get saved in a folder for the year. Then you can sort by date from there. It was SOOO much easier to just go into a 2014 folder where everything important is saved rather than through the generic Pictures file.

Family Yearbook
Once I had the photos narrowed down to about 200 of my favorites, I went to the MyPublisher website and downloaded the software. It was really easy to do and the best part, once I opened it and made a few selections on my book type, there was an auto upload and layout feature. I clicked that button so fast and BAM!, my book was laid out with all the photos. It was very easy to edit photos from there and move them around a bit but the auto feature was a HUGE time saver. A few minutes later and my book was ready for ordering!

I have to say, looking back on the year made me so happy and weepy. So much had happened in 2014! I love seeing the milestones of the year from announcing a pregnancy, to Shelby getting engaged, and finally welcoming sweet Max to the family. It really was quite a year and having this photo book is such a special keepsake.

Family Yearbook Photo Book Cover
What do you think? Have you made any photo books recently? If you’re a photo fan like me, I think you will really enjoy all MyPublisher has to offer in terms of making your book and photos special. Next up, going back and making the 2013 book!

Disclosure: We were not compensated for this review, however a sample was provided. All opinions and thoughts are our own.

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