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Balancing Everyday Life

RESCUE PastillesStress is something we all face. Its not always a bad thing but it definitely happens. And sometimes a little stress can be somewhat motivating. For instance, when I know I have a house full of guests coming it can sometimes light a little fire in me to finish that project that’s all over the dining room table.

And I am so one of those people that is constantly juggling. I wear so many hats, putting pressure on myself in so many ways. I want to exercise daily, make dinner and spend quality time with my friends and family, all in addition to working. Its all pretty positive typical stuff but it adds up and it doesn’t mean that its easy. I forget birthdays, to return voicemails or to sign-up for the preschool party meaning I get the worse assignment!

On my typical day I happily sort through it all. However there have been a few times that the stress has overwhelmed me. When its turned from a positive motivating feeling to a feeling of anxiousness or panic. Those times are rare and I tend to feel paralyzed and emotional. Ugh not good. So here are a few ways I work to balance my everyday responsibilities.

Keep it organized. We have a family calendar that I joke that I live and die by. Its hung in a prominent space and everything goes on it! I also make To Do lists to stay organized. Its amazing how much putting it all on a list and prioritizing helps me. I feel better seeing it all written down and with each crossing off of an item, the feelings of anxiousness seem to dissipate.

Getting Organized

Stay hydrated. What do most of us turn to when we feel a tad overwhelmed? Well if you are like me coffee or a glass of wine are included. However, if I stop and drink a full glass of water and make sure to keep drinking my H2O throughout the day, I truly feel better!

Be Here Now. I use that as a little mantra when I’m feeling pulled in too many directions. I want to take Jake outside to ride bikes but know a deadline is looming and dishes are piled up. So I say to myself ok, for the next half hour we are going to go outside and ride bikes. And I leave my phone on the counter and head for the door. Then when I come back in to work I’m refreshed and feel like we’ve had quality time together rather than me trying to do both simultaneously and somewhat poorly.

RESCUE Pastilles

And it’s good to know when my go to tricks aren’t working and the balance isn’t coming I can turn to a product by RESCUE. One dose of the all natural RESCUE Pastilles and I feel more in control again. The best part is that they are so gentle. With no side effects and non-habit-forming I can take them and not think twice about it. You can find these and other RESCUE products like their Sleep Liquid Melts and Pearls at Walgreens, CVS and Whole Foods or wherever you find natural products.

If you’re interested in trying RESCUE products , check out this Buy One, Get One coupon.

RESCUE Pastilles

And I want to know how you balance your everyday. What responsibilities do you feel the most?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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