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The Infant State of Nutrition

You might remember from some of our posts last year just how critical a role Beech-Nut has played in our baby-feeding lives. Max is currently 15 months old, and feeding him is such a huge part of my current day.

As the youngest, Max is fiercely independent, wanting to be just like his big brother. And that means a tough battle for ownership of his food. He only wants to self-feed and own that spoon. I double dare you to try and take it away from him! And while I’ve accepted that all this self-feeding means a daily scrub down in the bath, the real challenge has been to make sure that all of his nutritional needs are being met.

Currently, the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans begins at age 2, and efforts are underway to include babies 0-24 months in the 2020 Guidelines. One of the reasons those guidelines are being developed is to help parents make educated, informed decisions about what they should feed their babies, and when.

But those Guidelines are a long time away. So our friends at Beech-Nut commissioned a study that analyzed 10+ years of food and beverage consumption data among babies 0-24 months in the U.S. Results were released today and I found some of the findings staggering. For instance, the research shows that unbalanced eating patterns are developing as early as 9 months of age!

According to their study, as infants move from baby food to whole food, they are eating more French fries, sugar-sweetened beverages and sweets than they are vegetables and whole grains. Furthermore, by 12 months they are consuming adult levels of sodium and added sugars.

Infant Nutrition
One of the statistics I found most surprising is that less than 30% of babies are getting vegetables, and the primary source is potatoes.

Infant Nutrition

To help all of us parents navigate these early feeding years, pediatric nutrition specialist Nicole Silber, RD, CSP, CLC created this tip sheet with Beech-Nut. It’s a MUST READ for any parent and has even reinvigorated me with some ideas on how to increase some of Max’s vegetable intake. Sometimes it’s hard to push ourselves out of a feeding rut; I know Max loves carrots and peas so those tend to be my go-to vegetables. It’s great to feel inspired with ways to expand both of our nutritional horizons!

Together, with the help of companies like Beech-Nut (link to Beech-Nut site) that are committed to delivering more nutrition for parents and babies, we can all make sure our little ones consistently get the nutrition they need!

Disclosure: BonBon Rose Girls is thrilled to be partnering with Beech-Nut again in 2016 as brand ambassadors. This post is sponsored by Beech-Nut, however all opinions expressed are our own.

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