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Wishing Bracelet

Horseshoe Bracelet

Sometimes a delicate bracelet can give you all the feels. Ok, maybe that’s an overstatement but I am truly loving this wishing bracelet from Stella and Dot. I received it around my birthday and whenever I wear it and glance down at the little sweet horseshoe, I feel calm and collected. See it really does give me all the feels, ha.

This wishing bracelet is also the perfect gift. At only $19 it’s a price point that works for almost anyone in your life and still feels special. The double chain is a nice little touch and as someone with small wrists, having a sliding knot closure means it always fits!
Wishing Bracelet

Right now this bracelet is actually benefiting autism awareness with all of the proceeds going to Hollyrod Foundation through April 30th. That makes this wishing bracelet that much sweeter.

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