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My Favorite Fall Must Haves

Every August we take a trip to family’s vacation home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. And every year, without fail, I pick up one of my favorite fall fashion must haves. And that must have hasn’t changed for several seasons now. What is this must have you ask? It’s a pair of my beloved Minnetonka moccasins. In fact, I tend do the same shopping trip in August AND December when we come for Christmas. I wear those babies into the ground. Haha!


Well, this vacation was no different. But instead of picking up just one pair of mocs, I went for two. For three years running now, I’ve gone for some form of leopard print and I didn’t deviate from the norm this time. I picked up more e of a cognac color in December…And let me tell you…Those shoes were ridiculously versatile. Since my fall uni is a slouchy top and skinnies most of the time, moccasins go with most of my fall looks!


Since they didn’t have the cognac color in the leopard print, I went with more of a traditional brown in the Kilty and got the cognac in the beaded Thunderbird style. You can bet that both pairs are going to get a LOT of play this fall! Not only are they neutral colored, but they’re crazy comfy. So, I know I’ll be turning to them more often than not.


Are moccasins one of your fall must haves too lovelies?

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