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How to Beat the Santa Photo Lines

Each and every year, for the past several years, the hubs and I have put off going to get the kids’ photo taken with Santa until the last possible minute. It’s not that we don’t enjoy the experience, because we totally do…We just got busy with, you know, life and time ran away from us. Well, this year, thanks to International Plaza here in Tampa, we beat the December rush and headed over to meet Santa on a late November evening instead of Christmas Eve. Bwah!

Let me tell something…We are going early from here on out. Not only was the line very minimal, but the chaos that can come with last minute holiday shoppers hadn’t hit yet either. If you want to beat the Santa photo lines in your neck of the woods too, I highly suggest you head over to your favorite location sooner rather than later.

santa photos

And if you happen to be in the Tampa Bay area, you must check out the super cute Santa’s Flight Academy. It’s not just your run of the mill mall Santa in a chair situation. The kiddos who go through this Academy are treated to fun activities like making an ID badge that allows them to enter a magical area complete with “snow!” Meeting the big guy is, of course, the highlight of any Santa visit, but I daresay my little ones had just as much fun getting there as they did with the grand finale! Happy, entertained kids make for much cuter photos…wouldn’t you say?

Santa phots

If you’re in the area, make sure you head over to Santa’s Flight Academy at International Plaza ASAP! You don’t want to make our mistake and wait until the last minute. This special experience is bound to be even more popular than years’ past! Use all that time you’ll save to get your shopping done early too! Then you can just sit back and sip on hot cocoa, or mulled wine perhaps, while everyone else runs around like chickens with their heads cut off! Haha. Happy holidays y’all!

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For more holiday fun, check out our gingerbread bars recipe! And we urge you to subscribe to our Holiday Handbook that you saw pop up when you visited our site too. You’ll find loads of festive cocktails, recipes, crafts and more to help you get through the holidays!

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We were not paid for this post. We did receive a photo package to experience Santa’s Flight Academy.


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