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Having your children reach the age where they are really excited and into Star Wars seems to be a major life milestone. With both my husband and I, as well as extended family, all very into Star Wars, when Jake started to show interest this year we’re all high fiving each other behind his back. Yes! We could all be kids again through watching him experience this rite of passage through fresh eyes. How neat is that?!

Rogue One Box

With the new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story© TM Lucasfilm LTD coming to theaters soon, it’s a great time to experience the new movie all together for the first time. We can’t wait! Max still has a few more years to go, so sharing this “big kid” movie with Jake makes his time with mom and dad feel really special.

Rogue One Box

In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, ordinary people are tasked with doing extraordinary things. I love demonstrating to Jake how being kind and caring for others can make him an everyday hero. We can all do the extraordinary by showing those around us that we care with gestures big and small, like sharing a Kleenex tissue when you see a friend in need.

Boys Kleenex

Have you seen any of the limited edition boxes in stores? When Jake and Max both saw these boxes they got really excited. I have to admit, they look really cool!

So cool that you just have to do something with that box! Why not turn it into a Rogue One: A Star Wars Story designs night light? We tackled this easy craft and it was fun to create together and then watch their faces get excited as it twinkled and shined. Here’s how to create a Star Wars night light.

Kleenex Night Light Craft



  • New Kleenex brand boxes featuring Rogue One designs, empty
  • Thumbtack or sharp item like a screwdriver
  • Electric Tea Light Candle


  • Empty out tissues from box. Poke small holes in the sides of the box using a thumbtack or screwdriver. Insert an electric tea light to create a “night sky” night light.

Kleenex Night Light CraftDIY Star Wars Night LightNightLight

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