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Looking Fresh with Silk’n ReVit

I’m a thinker. At least that’s what I like to tell myself is the root of some fine lines that have been appearing lately. It’s either all that thinking I’m doing (Hey! No snorting out there!) or maybe its the kids and all the energy they consume. It definitely can’t be me and my age, ha. Regardless some fine lines have in fact appeared and my personal theory is that if there are good ways to tackle and reduce them at home, then why not?!

Silk'n Products

The Silk’n Revit is just that. An at-home microdermabrasion tool that helps with those fine lines, acne scars, dull skin and age spots. Basically it works on a lot of the types of damage someone who grew up in Florida might experience. Oh how I played in the blazing sun for hours and hours! So I was excited to try it out and give the Silk’n ReVit a thorough review.

Silkn' ReVit Review

The steps were simple. First I washed my face with my daily cleanser. Then I chose the intensity I wanted and ran it along my trouble areas a few times. I chose a less intense option since I was just starting out. Once I was done, I washed my face again but with cold water and applied moisturizer. It took about 10 minutes in total. You can use it every 3-4 days so I aimed for twice a week.

Close-up with Silk'n ReVit

I really felt a difference! In just a short time, I did feel like I noticed a better skin tone and less age spots. I thought my fine lines were even improving so I plan to keep it up. A few folks even commented to me recently that I look more rested. I so wish that were the case!

In reading about how these treatments work, basically the vacuum stimulation works to lift and stimulate the skin. This improves the blood flow and skin texture as well as minimizes pores. It also removes dead skin cells which must be why people thought I looked more rested, ha.

Overall, I’m really pleased with how this simple at-home tool can make a difference! I will definitely be continuing my journey to fresher, younger looking skin by continuing to use the Silk’n ReVit.

Silk'n ReVit Happy

What about you lovelies? Have any of you tried an at-home microdermabrasion tool? What was your experience? Oh and they also have the Silk’n Blue for anyone who has struggled with acne.

Disclosure: We received compensation for the purposes of this review. However, the opinions expressed are all our own.

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