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Easy Flower Arrangements

One of my favorite things to do is find fun flowers and create different and easy flower arrangements. The possibilities are endless! As this is a particularly warm summer in Portland this year, I’m finding I want to bring all our beautiful outside gardens inside as much as I can.

This morning, I headed to my favorite Trader Joe’s and picked out several fun flower options I thought would make for some really fab arrangements. They usually have a ton of choices and certainly the best prices. Flowers in tow, I headed home to begin my fun!

Easy Flower Arrangement

What is even more important than picking the flowers, is finding the best containers. I typically try to think as much outside of the box as I can. Generally, I start with a more traditional arrangement, using one of my fun colored vases. Today, I began with a short green one I thought would be a great base for the reds, oranges and yellows I had picked out. Varying the heights and bunching the like flowers always works. This fun arrangement perked up the corner of my kitchen counter space in just the way I thought they would!

Vibrant Flower Arrangement

Sunflowers are my favorite! They just make me smile as I think they do for most everyone. And, they are so versatile and easy to arrange. Don’t be afraid to cut those long stems off and put them in a more compact vase. Clear glass is a great idea and adding some lemons to the water gives the arrangement that extra punch. You have to admit, this is festive, right?!

Sunflowers with Lemon


Using everyday glasses can be ideal to display single flowers and make for a perfect touch for your island or table setting. They can be arranged in so many configurations and are the easiest to put together!! Especially great for those stem flowers that always are hard to keep from flopping. Cut those stems and leave the pretty flower petals to shine! What do you think?

Red Stems in Glasses

I have a collection of small vases and think they make the most lovely little accent arrangements anywhere you have a spot. A single bud in several of them makes for a delicate and whimsical touch. And, they are so mobile! Move them around as your often as you like!

Sweet Flower Arrangement

Tips for fun Flower Arrangements

  • Buy several different kinds of flowers, choosing colors that mix and match well.
  • Use different containers for your displays. Everyday glasses are perfect!
  • Change it up. Create completely different arrangements for lots of variety!

I had the best time this morning shopping for and playing with these fun flowers. It put me in the best mood. So, I highly recommend you try this, as well. Remember, most importantly, think outside the box. Don’t limit your imagination! Anything and everything can work. And, just have fun!

Single Stem Display

For more ideas on easy flower arrangements and unique ways to display flowers, check out Meg’s recycled vase options!

Susan Richards is a contributor and life long friend of BonBon Rose Girls!


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