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Home Office to Modern Playroom for Less Than $50

Hello lovelies!  Today I have another progress update on a room in our house.  What was formally my office was recently transformed into a modern playroom for Jake. I love that we have taken this room from being a rarely used space that often became the catch-all for all our odds and ends to a dedicated space to play.

Modern Playroom

Modern Playroom

I realized that I wasn’t really working in my office as much as I thought I would. I guess I’m more of a laptop on the kitchen counter kind of gal. What I really needed was not a separate office but storage space for stationary, wrapping paper, etc. and that’s what lies behind those closet doors in a not quite so organized fashion. Meanwhile giving Jake a fun place to stretch his legs would be great. Doing a low-cost room transition seemed like a no brainer. I’m sure as his toys expand so will some of the sections in this room. But for now it completely works for us.

Modern Playroom

Taking the bookshelf and changing it up was the most fun for me.  After I packed up the dusty ol’ books, I bought about $6 worth of Play-Doh for stacking and the rest of supplies (puzzles, crayons, coloring books, etc.) I had on hand.  I then spent about another $6 on the plastic striped containers to hold markers and crayons for easy access.  Access for me, they are just high enough to avoid small hands. I may have to move them up as he grows or this space could get REAL creative, ha!

Modern Playroom

Modern Playroom

You can see on the overview photo that on the credenza I added a few boxes of animal crackers to bring in some fun pops of color on the cheap (less than $3) and layered in a few board games.  I’ve been leaving Candy Land out on the table and while Jake is still a little young for it he is obsessed with the spinner and moving the men around.

Modern Playroom

Finally, I brought in one of his book bins to create a cozy reading spot. Although admittedly our cat, Meatball, has claimed the pouf as his own. He’s intellectual like that.

Modern Playroom

One of my favorite items I purchased was the $20 play mat for cars.  It adds a giant splash of color and Jake is loving it.  I think it will hold us off until the little guy gets a train table at some point. And I can throw all the cars into a basket in the credenza so no one trips when we aren’t playing.

So that’s our modern playroom.  What do you think?  Oh and while I don’t have a great Before shot here is what is was kind of looking like. Not bad, just very plain Jane and under used.

Before Modern Playroom

After Modern Playroom

So what are you guys up to around the house?  Anyone else tackling a low-cost room redo?

Megan Yarmuth


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