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5 Reasons to Take a Family Dude Ranch Vacation

As Kristin and I recently discovered at the White Stallion Ranch, a dude ranch vacation is truly an incredible experience. While we were there checking out the White Stallion Ranch for a girls getaway, we couldn’t help but notice all the qualities that make this a great option for families. Here are 5 reasons why we think a dude ranch vacation should be on your list, and why we can’t wait to take our own families back!

White Stallion Ranch entrance5 Reasons to Take a Family Dude Ranch Vacation

  1. Space to Disconnect – We live in a world where each family member is often connected 24/7. A dude ranch gives you the literal space to disconnect. Sure ours actually had a great wifi signal but with so much open space and amazing things to do, it was easy to toss the phone on the bed and head out. Even better, tell your kids there’s no signal and leave all the devices at home, ha! Before you know it you’ll be having conversations that don’t include a Facebook update.

Family time

  1. Experience Nature Hands On – For some of us, the idea of really experiencing nature isn’t something that happens regularly. Giving your family the time to really connect outside with nature and animals is a wonderful gift. After all, I never thought of myself as a horse girl and now I can’t wait to ride again!

Dude ranch horse

3. Activities for All – Dude ranches offer so many activities for most ages. That means you can sit back and relax while everyone is happy. Ideally everyone in your group will be about 5 or older, after that the sky is the limit. From movie nights, pony and horse riding to star gazing there is something for everyone. Your children will be thrilled and trust me, fast asleep at the end of each day.


4. The Food – Ok this might seem strange to say but the food is also a great reason to take a family to a dude ranch. Most dude ranches include the food in the daily price. The White Stallion Ranch had a great delicious selection each day and kids can happily grab a lemonade or snack at any time. When feeding a family on vacation, what’s not to love about that?! No getting room charges every time your kid grabs another cookie. Score!

Dude ranch menu

  1. Memories to last a Lifetime – Most importantly taking your family to a dude ranch is creating unique memories. We all remember the family trips we take as children and this is a way to experience an adventure together. For years to come there will be stories told about this special time.

Megan and Kristin on dude ranch vacation

And to show just how memorable a trip like this can be, check out this quick video we put together of our time at the White Stallion Ranch.

Disclosure: We received travel accommodations for the purpose of our White Stallion Ranch review. All opinions expressed are our own.


  1. Becky OKeefe says

    We spent a week at the White Stallion Ranch in early August – it was one of the best vacations we’ve ever taken! Would love to go back for a Girls Week. The White Stallion Ranch really is a wonderful place.

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