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Creating a Holiday Coffee Bar: Holiday Entertaining

I often joke that I like to run a small bed and breakfast on the side. A holiday coffee bar, for instance, is a regular fixture in my home during the holiday season. I don’t REALLY run a B&B…It’s just a joke obvi. Although you are all more than welcome to come swing by and stay awhile! We have a great deal of company that visits us regularly. I love having a full house and everyone dear to us seems to be so far away! So while I may not be out dancing the night away like my younger years (ok I actually still might be doing that, I just pay for it WAY more the next day), where you are more likely to find me is sipping coffee or wine on the couch with family who came in for a visit.

One thing I’ve been playing with lately is the idea of setting up a coffee bar or station. I really like having a designated area where everyone can help themselves to drinks and treats. Also, it makes it easier to set-up and then go take care of kiddos etc. as needed. So next week when the house fills up in the best way, I’ve decided to create a holiday coffee bar for us all to enjoy. Here are a few tips on how to set up your own.

  1. Space. Clear a counter space that is not in your general kitchen work area. Or if you are tight on counter space look for a side table or bar cart that might do the trick!
  2. Theme it out! A cute little tree and chalkboard with a holiday message instantly warm up the space and scream holidays! Added accessories like candy canes and cute mug warmers also help keep up the holiday vibe.
  3. Fun flavor.  In the morning I tend to like my normal coffee and experiment with flavored creamers. But in the afternoon or evening I’m down to get wild with my coffee choices. Holiday blends, mochas and more are fun flavors to try!
  4. Snacks. While the main event is definitely the coffee itself, as the hostess save yourself some time and add some snacks to the area. Shortbread cookies, chex mix or nuts all help the nibblers stay out of your kitchen and keep everyone happy!

That’s how I created a holiday coffee bar. What tips do you have to share? I need to get this one down to a science since its a no brainer for all our company! Here’s to a happy and full holiday home!

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