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Fall Snack, Fancy Apple Slices

No matter what age they are, kids have a pretty long day when they are in school. Focusing and paying attention and doing all the things that happen at school is a lot on them from pre-school to high school. And right now in these early weeks of a new school year I try to be extra compassionate. You know how you feel after the first days of starting a new job? You’re exhausted just from trying so hard to be extra nice and know your way around. Same goes for them! We start Kindergarten next week and I’m already preparing for a wiped out and hungry kid to get off that bus each day. And as a working mom myself, I want to have snacks on hand that are fun but not overly complicated. These healthy and fancy apple slices are sure to get a smile from any kiddo and take less than 5 minutes to prepare. Sun butter or Nutella would also work as a spread for kids with allergies. These fancy apple slices are so good that you might want to make a few for yourself when you hit that afternoon slump!
Fancy Apple Slices

Fancy Apple Slices

Ingredients: 1-2 apples, peanut butter (or other spread), fun sprinkles or toppings.

Directions: Use an apple corer to core an apple. Slice the apple into thin slices horizontally. Use a knife to spread the peanut butter evenly on the apple slice. Add some fun sprinkles to get that smile.

Other items that would be great toppings would be raisins, mini chocolate candies, chopped pretzels or shredded coconut. The options are endless and so fun!
Apple Sprinkle Slices Above
After School Snack
Here’s to a great school year filled with lots of brain food! And don’t forget its apple picking season so that’s another great way to get your kids involved in their food!

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