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Keeping Baby Safe with the Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

One of the hardest transitions for me as a new mommy was when we switched my sweet boy from a bassinet in our room to the crib in his room. For WEEKS following this transition I would feel the need to go in to his room and check on him multiple times a night. I just had to check… Was he breathing ok? Did he roll over on his stomach? Was he comfortable? Was he sleeping ok? I only wish I had known about the Mimo smart baby monitor then!




We recently were given the opportunity to try out the Mimo and my goodness what a game changer! The Mimo is AH-MAZING. An app friendly monitor attaches to the front of an organic cotton onesie. Through the companion app we are able to monitor our lil guy’s sleepy time. The Mimo app monitors his sleep position, skin temperature, and sleep quality. I was amazed how user friendly the app is. My husband and I were playing around on the app like kids in a candy shop!


We found such comfort in our wee one’s safety…knowing the Mimo was monitoring the most important aspects of his naps and night. One major bonus is the ability to add additional users to your Mimo monitor. We added our nanny of course – and she loves it too! She always worries about him getting a chill while sleeping so her favorite component was monitoring his body temp and sleep quality.


The Mimo is a must have for every parent! Set up and use is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Baby is very comfortable in the super soft onesie. The lilypad monitor is a trustworthy product. And best of all parents can rest easy in knowing that the Mimo is watching over their lil’ one.

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  1. Chastity says

    Wow, technology has come a long ways! I like how it takes the temp. My son would always seem to get a fever at night and I hated waking him when we tried taking it.

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