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Name Labels From Minted


It’s back to school time which also tends to be a great period to get organized. Let’s face it, the things we send our kids to school, lessons and play dates with tend to get lost. It’s frustrating to get home and realize that a lunchbox or thermos has been lost in the sea of kiddos once again. And that is why both Kristin and I tend to label everything! These new Minted labels add such personality and fun to children’s name labels.


The lil’ bean is headed off to preschool (sob!) and you know her mama and auntie Meg had to make sure she was looking the part. What sweet labels for her new back pack, lunch box and girl gear. There were so many fun options to choose from and a sweet cat and galloping unicorn are perfect for her personality!



For the Dude, being a bid kid means lots of folders and pencil cases and supplies to keep track of. These baseballs are fun, and eye catching. He’s sure to remember which one is his just with a glance! And Kristin had the great idea to also label the inside of his shoes. Isn’t it amazing how hard even shoes are to keep track of?! Especially if you are going right to a practice or lesson after school!

Baseball Labels


Jake is also headed back to preschool and it’s all new this year for us. Somehow that has me feeling a little jittery, even though we’ve been doing childcare since he was young. I know he will do great though, and these little airplane labels are perfect for him spotting his water bottle on the playground. For some reason they all tend to have the same ones so it can be tricky. He’s just learning all his letters so I’ve taught him to “look for his letters” and spot which is his. The plane is a great personal one to make sure he doesn’t drink from the wrong cup.


Of course we had to get Max in on the action. Otherwise all his hand me downs would have his brother’s name, ha. These labels are perfect for labeling food containers and other items I don’t want to lose on play dates or while traveling. Plus, that little tiger is so adorbs!


Clearly we are loving the fun touches on the Minted name labels that make keeping organized so much easier. Have you tried name labels? What do you do to keep all the kid gear straight?


Disclosure: We were provided product for the purposes of this review, however all opinions and thoughts are our own.


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